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Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle. Warpaint Series No 115


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Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle

Warpaint Series No 115



Following the now standard format for Warpaint Books series of monographs, this title covers the history, design and operation of the AW Albemarle.  Written by Tony Butler, the book, printed on 29 pages, is a mine of information for those modellers who wish to build this interesting, if rather overlooked aircraft. The story is told right from the beginning with Air Ministry demand for an aircraft that didn’t use strategic material such as the light alloys as normally used in the construction of aircraft. Using steel tube and wood it became the only major British aircraft to enter production in WW2 with a tricycle undercarriage. The text is accompanied by many period photographs, along with colour plates with various views, showing the camouflage and markings used on these aircraft.  On the centre pages there are a series of line drawings, mainly side views, but also some front, rear and lower views showing the differences brought about by the conversion to glider tug. Naturally, there are no photos of extant machines, as none survived the ending of the war.







I have always liked the look of the Albemarle, it had a certain charm and handsome ruggedness about it. It certainly looked better than it flew apparently. As with the rest of the series, this book is a must have for modellers as it provides so much information, not only in the text, but also the period photographs and colour side views.  With kits of the Albemarle available in 1/72 scale from Valom it is a must have in your research library.





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6 hours ago, Shar2 said:

With kits of the Albemarle available in 1/72 scale from Valom it is a must have in your research library.

Yup, got the kit, definitely get one of these. 


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Nice to see this particular volume produced. Have to admit, I’ve never thought about adding an Albemarle to the collection, however it would only take a publication like this for me to do so.


This series of Warpaint books is getting better now that the mainstream stuff has already been covered. So when do we see them tackle the Heyford and/or Stranraer?? 


Cheers.. Dave 

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Only major British aircraft to enter production in WW 2 with a tricycle undercarriage? What about the Horsa which was built in greater numbers and had a longer service life.

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A good review, but see also 

The Vampire also entered production during WW2.  It didn't enter service, but they were building them.  Difficult to claim the Albemarle as a major type, but let's stick with it being the first.

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