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REVELL 1/104 Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune - memories on 35mm

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I rescued this model many years ago from a Fete being held in the grounds of Sewerby Hall near Bridlington. It was part of a collection of built-up models that were being sold off in a tent.


It had no undercarriage as it was mounted in flying mode on a stand. It was also painted gloss black on all its upper surfaces and left in bare grey plastic underneath and it had RAF roundels.

But it was complete and the transparencies were unblemished so I put in an offer that was accepted.


I left it in flying mode and made a stand from MDF with a brass rod stand. I carefully removed the canopy and built a cockpit complete with 1/96 scale pilots which actually came from the FROG Mosquito as they were the correct size. I detailed the nose observer's position and the dorsal turret. I then brush painted it all over in a Humbrol Gloss Midnight Blue.


It seemed too glossy so I gave it a coat of satin varnish which not only reduced the glossy sheen but changed the colour in appearance too, but it actually looked okay.




This model first appeared in 1955.




Over the years it has appeared in a number of different guises.






Here it is newly refurbished in the original Glossy Midnight Blue finish. I painted white curtains over the well moulded blinds detail on the inside of the canopy and then wished I had not.

Apologies for the photographs but they were taken many years ago with a 35mm camera.


For a 1955 era model I was very impressed with the quality of the moulding and detail.




Here it is on display at a model show in its later toned-down paint finish.


That is the best I can find unfortunately. Hope you liked it.








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