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Bayraktar TB2 Tactical UAS - 1:24 Tanmodel


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Bayraktar TB2 Tactical UAS
1:24 Tanmodel




The Bayraktar TB2 is a medium altitude long endurance unmanned aerial vehicle/unmanned combat air vehicle developed for the Turkish Armed Forces. They class it as a Tactical UAV in order that it is not seen as a competitor to the Turkish Aerospace Industries Anka UAV. The vehicle has been jointly developed by The Kale Group and Baykar Technologies.  The UAV can fly up to 22,500 feet and loiter for more than 24 hours. In trails it reached a record 27,030 feet with a full payload. As well as sensors the unit can be armed with the ROCKETSAN smart micro munition,  The UAV has a blended wing/body design with an inverse V tail, and a rear mounted pusher engine. The structure is primarily carbon fibre the machined aluminium parts. There is a triple redundant flight control system with autonomous taxi, takeoff, cruise, landing and parking capability.  As well as units produced for Turkey Qatar has signed a contract for 6 units.


The Kit
This is a new departure for Tanmodel but as they are a Turkish Company it is no surprise to see them working with Turkish Industry to produce a model of this new UAV. Indeed the scale is reported to be the choice of the industry partner.  The kit even though 1.24 scale is not too large, it arrives on 4 sprues of grey plastic with a clear spure & a display stand. A good inclusion for the kit is a full size clear spure Construction starts with the rear mounted engine, The radiator is built up and installed in one half of the engine casing, the rear bulkhead with the engine face has the propeller and spinner attached and this is also inserted in the half of the engine casing, Once in the casing  can be closed up and put to one side.




Construction then moves to the inverted V tail. The sides are put together then the A shape at the top is made, these join to form the tail. Once together the tail booms can be added. The wings are they made which consist of upper & lower halves for each side. These sub assemblies are then put to one side. The sensor ball is the made up with decals providing the sensor surfaces. This is then encased in its turret, and the turret then mounted into the main fuselage bottom half.  The turret can fully articulate once in place. 






The tail booms and tail are then added to the main upper half of the fuselage along with the wings, following this the fuselage can be closed up. If you are going to have the model freestanding then 15 g's of nose weight will be needed.  The engine casing can the be added onto the fuselage. Next up the missiles and their pylons are made up and added to the airframe. The landing gear is now added. The nose wheel has a conventional gear bay where as it looks like the mains stay fixed. The wheels are well detailed with brake hubs on the wheels. If the modeller wishes the UAS can be displayed on the excellent stand contained in the kit. 






The decal sheet is small as they dont carry much in the way of markings. Mainly national insignia and a company logo. 4 different serial numbers are available. There is no idication of where they are printed, but they look to be in register with no issues.




Without the participation from industry its doubtful this kit would have come to market. However I am informed its been selling well in home market and abroad where sold. It is definitely something different and well worth hunting down. Highly recomended. 



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On 7/1/2018 at 9:15 PM, Julien said:

, it arrives on XX sprues of grey plastic with XXX. 







Gone all Roman on us then @Julien? Well twenty sprues with thirty parts works OK ...because at the end of the day, "We are all individuals!" (I'm not.)

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