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Airfix 1:48 PR.9 Canberra 58 Squadron RAF Wyton

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Nice one Mikey, she's shaping up well, I know you've had a few issues here and there but over all, looking good! The SAAF Canberra that is at the museum, if she's the ond I'm thinking of is a very interesting Canberra, but aren't they all! 😊


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They absolutely are.....So many variants over their service.


If I get chance to go take a look I'll get some photo's for you.

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9 hours ago, Mikey-1980 said:

Hi @Ex-FAAWAFU I am indeed, Thank you :) 



I would happily give you some cash for the kit as well as the postage. which airfix kit is it please?



I’m away from home today, so I will confirm over the weekend, but I’m 90% sure it’s A05102.  I bought it ages ago to serve as the donor kit for the Heritage T4N conversion set [I was lucky enough to hold over on 899 NAS for a few weeks at the start of my flying training, and managed to blag 4 trips in a T-bird, along with several in a Hunter T8M]; eventually I want to build at least one example of every type in my log book.  But I now have the Kinetic T4/8 kit in 1/48, and realistically that’s the one that will eventually be built.  The conversion set has gone to a friend, so I have an untouched Airfix 1/48 Harrier.


Instead of clogging up your build thread, I’ll PM you over the weekend.

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You sir are an awesome chap! 


That is the very kit I am after. Please let me know if you want anything for the kit. 


I'll give you my postal address for carriage and PayPal account on return to your PM. 




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This weekend was mainly taken up with sorting out the spare room to become a crafting / work bench room for me and my lady.


The entrance, which should be eventually be covered with more nerdy stuff....possibly a stencil with "Weapons Locker 1701D" (Battlestar Galactica & Star Trek fans should get the connection)




The view, it's much better when it's not dark....mainly the back yards of the neighbors 




Unfortunately I have to share the room with the boiler.....why they put it in here I have now idea.....Stay Shiny!




Temporary home for the Hunter, and the Typhoon class sub I built a few years back...sadly the conning tower took a hit in the move.




More to follow with the build log


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On 07/02/2019 at 21:04, Mikey-1980 said:

Right then...it's been far too long for an up date on the Canberra, so I've managed to squeeze in a bit of bench time.

First thing to do was to dust off the inch layer thick of duct that had accumulated on the old bird.


The lean-to on the new house has already proven to be a makeshift paint booth. Armed with Tamiya's TS-13 clear semi-gloss.






So far I'm impressed by the application of the TS-13. It has dried incredibly quickly. the lower half of the fuselage is drying as I type.


Flaps are coated too and are drying. Hopefully I may get the under carriage done over the weekend or at least before I head of Johannesburg with work for a few days.


Incidentally there is the South African Air Force museum in Pretoria I'm going to try to get to whilst I am there. Apparently there is a Canberra there too.




Hopefully more to follow in the coming days to finish the PR.9





This is looking superb!


The gloss laquer you used, how easy is it to apply, do you just paint it on? It doesn't leave brush lines does it?


I'm about to start this kit in the very same markings, but I only have satin aerosols (dark sea grey, light a/c grey and tamiya as-30 green) Will I need to use this gloss laquer or do you think she'll look realistic satin?



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Hi @Lord Riot


The satin rattle cans do give a great finish, but if you want the polished gloss finish I would recommend getting the TS-13 rattle can too. 


Apply it as you would normally but let it dry a little longer than the satin paint. I made the mistake and I left a small finger print on the underside of the port wing. 


It leaves a great finish that isn't too glossy and looks, to me, far more realistic. 


Look forward to watching you build on the Canberra, and definitely take advantage of @canberra kid resources. 



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Thanks Mikey, I'll get some TS-13 then. Definitely looks the part on yours, very realistic. 


I'll certainly be using any resources I can, there seems to be a lot of variation with these Canberras. 

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I'll take a look at any spare decals I have for you too @Lord Riot


Just seen your build log, looking forward to following it and seeing your progress. especially fitting into the rest of your builds too. :D 

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