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Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf.D Turret in Travel Mode (SPS-059) 1:35


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Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf.D Turret in Travel Mode (SPS-059)

1:35 Meng Model via Creative Models




Tanks during WWII still weren't all that reliable, relatively slow, and certainly weren't particularly frugal with fuel, so they were often transported by rail on flat cars.  In order to protect them from the smut and dust that came from steam powered locos, they often covered up the barrels and also the turrets to protect the mechanisms and optics from damaging soot and debris, with custom bags for the barrel and more generic tarpaulins for the turret.


With Meng's new Panther Ausf.D reaching our model shop shelves, there's bound to be some aftermarket, so who better to start the ball rolling than Meng themselves.  This resin set isn't cheap, but when you see what you're getting and that it may appeal to a relative few owners of the kit, it's not surprising.  The set arrives in a brown card box with the usual black themed sticker on the top that gives details and a line drawing of what's inside. The parts are held within a bubble-wrap bag within, and there are just two parts.  Both are in dark grey resin, and have clearly been pressure cast, as they are dense with no noticeable air bubbles, with small casting blocks that reach up like fingers to touch the very edge of the parts in order to minimise clean up once they have been cut free.  The commander's cupola has a layer of flash across its aperture, which can be removed in moments by a sweep of your blade, and after a few swipes with a sanding stick on the contact points, you will be ready to use them.






As you can see from the pictures (one from each side, so no, you don't get two sets!), there are holes for the hatches and various other small parts, which you will use from the kit, being sure to attach them with CA (super glue).  Inside are ledges for the kit supplied turret bottom, and you can see where the mould has been thinned where the bulges in the cloth are, both to save resin and reduce the weight of the part.  Speaking of the cloth, the fabric is done with some serious skill, showing the smoke grenade dispensers and other prominent parts pushing through the fabric with realistic drape and wrinkling.  This is also present with the barrel part, which has a clear droop on the underside where gravity is pulling the bag down, while the cords pull it tight to the barrel.  Like the kit barrel, it is keyed so that it can only be inserted one way, so there's little chance of it looking like the bag's full of helium!



It's not cheap, but it's a very attractive way to make your Panther stand out.  Painting is going to be key to making it look realistic, so prepare yourself for some serious work with your airbrush/brush.  I think it's really cool, and stock is dwindling at Creative, so don't delay!


Very highly recommended.



Review sample courtesy of


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