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My second Ken Schraeder build - this time the 1990 Lumina wearing Fred Cady decals. Far from my best and not visible in the photos thankfully - somehow I forgot to park the shell under my usual ice cream carton 'drying bay' as the Johnsons Klear / Future was going-off, so the d*mn thing does have a lot of dust particles and it bugs the h*ll out of me.




























Thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment, please feel free to hurl any abuse, ask any questions or offer any comments. Already got the next non-NASCAR build on the bench stand by for that very soon.




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Very nice build, nice to see more NASCARs.  My only thoughts are about the photos not the build. A wider angle lens or not using a zoom will make the car's perspective more strong, and therefore make it look larger as a physical object. At the moment and especially in the first photo the car is as wide at the back as it is at the front.

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Very nice.

Kenny Schrader was an excellent driver - on dirt tracks as well as the paved ovals.

I love the muscular look of the NASCAR Luminas too.

Well done.



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