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Spinosaurus - Pegasus Hobbies 1/24 Diorama set

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I have seen some amazing builds of this kit and felt it time to get on and build one of my own.


Another fine sculpture from the Pegasus Hobbies prehistoric range - Mr Spinosaurus. I have been slowly working on this in the background while working on the T-Rex and Triceratops diorama being built elsewhere on this section of the forum.

Compared to the Rex and Triceratops sets, the Spinosaurus is really in a different league of its own. The head and hind limb joint seam lines are very tidy and follow the contour of the scales making it a lot easier to hide the joins. Joining the forearms was easier than the T-Rex front arms too. This is a very heavy bulk of vinyl, she has a hollow belly but that has not really helped make it any the lighter - overall, a stunning sculpture.

I am trying a different paint process here, working up from a black base prime and will then go onto concentrating adding the body colours only to the top of the scales. Flory washes are very good, but I want to try a different method of highlighting the scales and thought to work in reverse this time. The fish is started, using some of the Alcad II Candy colours - I have had to order some new colours to complete the fish but need the postman to deliver first for this.


If you don't know the kit, this is what's in the box (Spino's dew claws had already been attached along with the fishes head, jaw and fins too). There is also a nice base with a fallen tree.






The belly lid




Pete Bowyer of M*A*N Models recommended I try this new product of his (HULL TEX Texture) which is used for making military armour Zimmerit - it is a liquid glue that can be applied with a brush or cocktail stick, then you pour the powder onto it and leave to dry for 2-3 hours - a perfect textured join filler for the tail which was a straight join.




some of the limb male pegs were swollen. Even after heating, they did not really want to fit their female sockets, so I cut them down and all went together well thereafter - surprisingly, the middle of the cut was still very soft and had not hardened over the years since it had been injected into the mould.




Belly plate attached and the font limbs being clamped into position - I knew these things would come in handy again one day after using them to clamp my Sandcrawler together all those months ago




some of the detail on Spino's head and neck




The fish assembled, and some of the limbs tidied up and base primed




Forward limbs




working towards the rear




Mr Dissolved Putty (again a M*A*N models purchase) used for touching in the limb joint areas where needed






Spino's catch - primed in Alcad II Aluminium




Spino's 2 part tail went on very snuggly with no problems




This is a good picture showing how well Pegasus have made the joints around the contours of the scales - the tail and body join. He's about 2 foot long assembled.




starting work with the Alcad II Candy colours - more work still required


DSCF7866 DSCF7871


As Spino stands today - primed in black and ready for body painting




Thanks for looking in


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with a wash of drooly Tamiya clear red added, Spino's tongue is now complete.




Also, Spino's fishy catch is complete - Mr Xiphactinus (I am not sure that either lived during the others paleontological life time) but they will look great together once completed. Again, using Alcad II colours from Alcad's Candy Colour and hot metal ranges












Thanks for following along

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Holy crap that's a great idea and execution painting the fish. Just amazing stuff.

The dino looks great, I must get one of these built at some point. Too many projects...



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a bit of progress painting Spino this week - not much but some base colour work








thanks for following - John





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with the majority of the body base colours now completed, I have just washed down the black and dark dirt Flory washes which has left me unsure if I should use a white-light grey wash instead before moving on to the fine detailing work and then to start work on the waterfall diorama base I have in mind for Mr Spino




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On ‎1‎/‎16‎/‎2019 at 6:58 PM, Carts said:

Not entirely sure how I missed this,but it's fantastic,any updates,?

Hi Carts


Sadly, I got a bit dinosaured out after the other Pegasus Hobbies dino kits I built last year and have put Mr Spino to one side for the moment, I'll catch up with him later this year as I have a waterfall diorama theme in mind for him and have already spent a fortune on various ferns and flora for the waterfall concept.


Any updates will appear here later in the summer of 2019


Thanks there Carts



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I just caught up as well lovely paintwork, the kit itself looks really well done with some great textures.

I don't fancy that fish much at all even if it was served with chips and mushy peas! but the iridescent scale effect is brilliant.

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