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Bandai Vehicle Model Millennium Falcon

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Hi Folks,


I started another Bandai Star Wars Vehicle Model a few weeks ago.  I built the model during lunchtimes at work, so no WIP photos of the build I'm afraid.  It went together like a dream.  The kit is designed to be snap fit, so I didn't need to use glue, but I did anyway, just as I felt it helped fill any tiny gaps between the parts - even though I doubt there would be anyway, the fit is so good.


Started painting by airbrushing a Vallejo Model Air USAAF Light Gray (spelling is correct according to the bottle!), and I used multiple layers of citadel Nuln Oil for the canopy windows.  Using a wash this way made it easy to fill in right the the recesses without having to worry about accidentally painting over the canopy trim.


The big mistake I've made, which you can't see from the photograph (as I've intentionally not taken any to show it!) is the engines, where I tried to apply a blue wash.  As I'd already built the kit, I just couldn't get a brush in the gap to paint it without also catching the edges of the plating around the engine.  I've got a second version of this model along with a number of other vehicle model series kits, so I'm going to make sure that I always check before gluing together.


Vents and engine pits were painted with a wash mix of Nuln Oil and one of the citadel brown washes (can't remember which!).


I then applied an overall wash of the citadel brown wash (watered down with some airbrush thinner or water - can't remember which!).  This had the effect of weathering the grey.




The kit comes with stickers rather than decals, so I'm going to brush paint the individual panels next.  This shouldn't be too taxing, I think the trick is just to make sure I take my time and I'm neat - certainly not going to try faffing around with masking and an airbrush on this one!

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That's looking rather nice and will really come together once you get those panels painted in. Out of interest what scale I'd this kit ? I can't get an idea of size from the pictures and it has a lot of great surface detail on it but I'm assuming it's a small scale



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Been a while since I last posted, as I've been painting miniatures instead, but I did have a go at blocking in some panel line variations on the Falcon.  Needs a lot of tidying up, and weathering still, but I thought I'd post some progress...




@Brundledonk & @Millennium Falcon NotesThe scale for the "vehicle model" range varies, as they all come in a standard sized box and are scaled to fit, so I don't quite know the scale, however, I can help show the size with the classic "penny comparison" photo:



Hope that gives some scale to it!



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