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US Tank Crew (37005) 1:35

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US Tank Crew (37005)

1:35 MiniArt




A figure placed in or on a vehicle or diorama gives it scale, and as such they add life to our attempts at scaling down reality.  This set from figure masters MiniArt depicts a modern US armour crew in a relaxed posture, either in on or stood next to their vehicle.  It arrives in a standard end-opening figure box, and once you've got the film wrap off the box, inside you'll find a bag containing five individual sprues, three of which are still connected by a runner on my sample.  Each figure (you get five) inhabits its own sprue, with arms, legs, torso, head, helmet and small details all separate for maximum detail.  If you're phobic about painting faces you'll be pleased to hear that only two of the five aren't wearing scarves over their faces to protect themselves from the dust, which means that they are best suited to desert or cold weather situations.












Put the word MiniArt into discussion about figures and you know that the sculpting will be first class, which is certainly the case with this set, showing all the modern traits of a combat soldier such as plate carriers covered in MOLLE loops, operator gloves with knuckle protection, and comms capable headgear worn by all, with goggles to keep out the dust.  The box shows the uniforms in the newer digital cloth, which will make painting a bit tricky, but as more and more sheets of camouflage decal are being produced by the aftermarket companies such as FFSMC from France and Meister Chronicle from Japan these days, they are certainly an option, but a small swatch of camo is included on the box to assist those brave enough to paint their own.  As they are AFV crew, they aren't festooned with equipment, but each figure has a separate chin-strap and helmet, with their balaclavas and comms headsets moulded into their heads.  One figure (presumably the commander) is also carrying a paddle-holstered pistol on his hip, and most have a comms control box to place on their chests which will need some scratch-built wiring to finish them off. 


On the subject of poses, all figures are stood after a fashion, either leaning or partially sitting on the edge of their vehicle, which gives plenty of options for placement, either stood in hatchways, or lounging against the vehicle in between operations.  None of them appear to tense or in fear for their lives, so are clearly intended to be somewhere where they can afford to relax.




The painting guide on the rear of the box gives suggestions as to the colours you could use, which is conveniently translated between Vallejo, Mr Color, Life Color, Tamiya, AK, Humbrol, Revell, and colour names in (probably Ukrainian) Cyrillic and English.  The camo swatch is also annotated for your use – now where can I get a digital brush from?



Superb for adding to your Abrams, Bradley or any of the modern US armour that's available in this scale, and keenly priced.



Very highly recommended.



Review sample courtesy of



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