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Vulcan XH558 - Airfix 1/72


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I've had this one in the stash for a while:




Although I'd planned to spend some love on her with AM etc etc I've now decided I need to room so she'll have to get kit bashed.

Sorry to all those Vulcan lovers, but my plans to open the bomb bay were scuppered by all those names and adverts!

She will be given the care she's due though, honest. :) 

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Hello, will look here by chance. Must admit that the post war british jets not really my favourites.with two exceptions: The BAC Jaguar and the Hawker Harrier. Although the Vulcan is the best looking one of the V Bombers imho. And a big beast.



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Welcome everyone! Crikey, a crowd already, I hope you're not disappointed... but you're ALL very welcome :) 


For this who miss her, here's a video I took of the last time I saw her at Weston-Super-Mare on 21/6/2015, part of her final display. It was windy so apologies for the noise (of the wind, not the Vulcan):



Note the vertical climb and rollout at the end; I think this was banned to preserve the airframe but I guess the pilot though 'What the hell, last time eh?'. So sad...


Anyway, enough of this nostalgia. Oh no, wait, it's an old Airfix kit, right? 

For those who want to see how she should be built I refer you to:

  • Phil's thread here
  • Mark's here and
  • the walk around here. OK, I might be using that.

For me, this time, I'm just going to build the kit OOB. No, honestly. Well, that's my intention at the start :rolleyes:


Bag of bits:





If I'm going to get anywhere without knocking things over, the sprues (which have been pictured many times before) need breaking down. Even then...




"We're going to need a bigger boat". Cripes.


There's plenty of signs that the moulds are old and have started leaking:




Flashy! Although, oddly, some small parts have survived:




Until, of course, they break coming off the sprue :shutup:


The crew ladder hasn't survived:




… but luckily I won't be using that - wheels up as usual.

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Before i forget do not glue the wing halves together. Glue them to the respective fuselage halves. Then glue the two halves together and fill, the former method gives vast wing root steps. Also superglue is recommended for gluing the two halves together, doing it a few cm at a time ;) 

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1 hour ago, CedB said:

the last time I saw her at Weston-Super-Mare on 21/6/2015


It just goes to show the power & allure of this magnificent machine, that Mrs R., who otherwise has absolutely zero, zilch, nada interest in anything else that flies (including Spitfires!!) actually came with me to watch 558 display at Weston - we had something else on later so couldn't actually go to WSM, so watched from the beach at Lavernock point across the channel. Still remember that final climb out....


2 hours ago, Spookytooth said:

Pork Scratchings as well.


Mmm, yes & cake for afters Simon? :smile:




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