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Aotake - it's not just one colour?

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I came across this article on the net



It seems to suggest aotake was a variable colour. Dependent on who painted it and whether they were able to paint it properly. So it looks like it isn't wrong to paint aotake on a model looking distinctly green or distinctly blue.


Anyone able to confirm if the author of the article is correct? Also, is it still correct only Nakajima built Zeroes have the wheel wells painted aotake and Mitsubishi machines paint the wells airframe colour?

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If what you're asking being the same as everything I've read adds up to confirmation, then you got it. That goes for both the Aotake and the Nakajima/Mitsubishi questions.

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Have you seen this? 






This is Nick Millman's website, his knowledge of WW2 paint composition and how the different components shift colour over time is the stuff of legends.

He also has a guide for painting the early Zeros.


I also use a silver base coat then Tamiya clear acrylic blue  or a blue/yellow mix..


Garry c



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