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Airfix 1/48th Spitfire Mk.Vb, 40 Sqn SAAF, Italy 1943/44,....FINISHED!!!

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I have been looking at building this aircraft myself.  But have been struggling with what mark it is.  The Xtradecal sheet says a Vb.  However the The Spitfire History lists it as a Vc and it is in a contract range that all V were all bult as Vc. Plus there are several photos of other aircraft in the JK series that are  clearly Vc. It was searching for SAAF Spitfires that I found this thread.  The photo is very helpful.  But I have to say  I am now convinced it is a Vc.  One cannot make out the serial of the aircraft in the foreground, WR L, but from the cannon it looks like a Vb.  There is a white? cover on the end of the cannon.  The fairing on the Vb leaves a part of the cannon exposed.  It comes from a different production batch as WR O,  based on the different exhausts.  WR O 's cannon does not seem to have a cover to the end.  The fairing goes almost to the tip on the Vc plus the cannon is longer.  It is very difficult to see but there is what looks like a fattening at the base of the cannon which could be the second cannon of the Vc.  There are photos of other SAAF Vc and they retain the second cannon. Possibly as they were primarily doing ground attack.  The original photo would help a lot with this.

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