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Ah, if you don't mind me butting in on Jamie's behalf, the 'Alternatives' range were a fake series of paints (actually an April Fool's joke); if you want to see what they were, follow the link and use the up/down arrow to the right of the paint description to see the entire range. Please note though that despite the tag, these are not 'Coming Soon!' (or indeed ever) :D





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16 hours ago, Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies said:

The joke was soured somewhat when someone actually ordered them on April Fool's Day and then had a sense of humour failure.


There's always one isn't there! Shame. I missed it. Could have done with the laugh.


Me and my mate (we were only about 13 at the time) used to label each other's paint up with new and interesting colours. My favourite one was finding one of my Humbrol tins labelled up as "Hindustani Aircraft Corporation Non Spectacular Sea Pink" I think I still have it somewhere.

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