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Savoia Marchetti SM.79 sparviero bomb bay

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19 hours ago, Garry c said:


If you look at the 2nd photo on post #15, looking up at the bomb rack facing toward the rear of the plane, the center line of the plane is between the 2nd and 3rd row of lighting holes on the right. Just past the bomb rack above the row of cables, you can see where 2 diagonal frame tubes meet a horizontal frame tube, this is the center line and the bomb rack is offset to the left when looking rearward.

As for the rear gunners compartment , three photos of post #17 are in the rear compartment .

The top photo is looking back toward the bomb bay, from behind the copilot's seat(right seat).

Photo #2 is from the same spot looking toward the left wing, the area behind the pilot's seat (left seat). The window on the far right is the cockpit window.

Photo #3 is from the center of the compartment, looking up diagonally to the right (note the copilot's seat and the cockpit windows).

Photo #4 is from the bottom of the bomb bay looking forward and up, note the cluster of frame tubes meeting at the aircraft center line and the bomb rack offset to the right.


I wish the photographer had used a wide angle lens so that the photos would overlap, it would be much easier to make sense of the layout.


Garry c

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