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Minoan Ship Building

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Lo, and many caveats were seen! Howdy...


I have spent much of my life studying ancient bronze age archaeology, with special attention on the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations, and this article is full of speculation. Just like it says in the end, there are no surviving Minoan shipwrecks. There are no written records about how they did anything as far as we know, because we can't even read their writing (Linear A and Cretan hieroglyphics)!


Of course the reconstruction team would have to adapt their methods if traditional hull construction did not suffice, but their modern idea about how to fix the problem does not necessarily correspond at all to what may have been done historically by the Minoans. Nor is there any reason to suspect that looking at a hollow space, left by a piece of furniture during the eruption at Thera, should have anything to do with the work of shipwrights! It may be - but it's not enough evidence whatsoever to found an argument on...



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Finding a Minoan Shipwreck has to be one of those Archaeological holy grails. Mind you, who would have thought that there was an entire Egyptian vessel near the Great Pyramid, or the intact ancient shipwrecks under the Black Sea. It would be nice to think that down there in that toxic depth there's a Minoan vessel waiting... 

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