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Currently  mid build of the Trumpeter Su27b in Ukrainian Digital Camouflage.


I had heard that the there were accuracy issues with the nose and Quickboost had a more accurate replacement nose cone


I looked but could not find comparative images of the Kit and Quickboost Nose Cones


I took the plunge and thought I would share what I found.


Here are the two kit Nose Cones and the Quickboost one centre. the one on the left is for the Su27b


I agree that the quickboost nose is a better shape and slightly longer. It also slightly thicker making the purchase worth while.


n.b. I had sawn off about 6mm off the nose cone plug as it was going to foul the cockpit tub)


Su27b Quickboost nose



This has meant that I have had to increase the diameter of the Nose by adding a shim so that the the Nose Cone fits with out having to sand it to shape ( Not a nice thing to do with resin)


Su27b Quickboost nose



Su27b Quickboost nose



I hope anyone interested finds this usefull

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