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My first ever model, I have to say I'm quite pleased with the outcome. I've learned two valuable things during the build - actually I learned hundreds of valuable things but two above all else.


Firstly I have learned to have the greatest respect for you guys who build these sailing ships, no matter the scale, and produce such wonderful results. Secondly I've learned never to do a sailing ship again. 🤨 All that string and hair thin masts was not as relaxing as the earlier part of the build. I think I'll be moving to the aircraft section for the foreseeable.


Paint pots are for scale as I know I often wonder just how big some of the models I see on here actually are. I hope it's not too many pictures, not sure of the etiquette yet and I also hope you can see them, the screen on this old laptop isn't the best so I have no idea what the rest of the world sees.


I am very open to comments and/or criticism, being new to this I'm still scrambling up the learning cliff, every little helps.






















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Very nice and great job on the rigging that is what makes these sailing ships so attractive 



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Wow that is great. You should be realy proud. I agree that ships are hard masts are tricky and I have not had your success with getting things symetrical. my masts always lean and then break when I try and sort them. I'm making a helicopter at the moment - loads easier than boats!! But I won't give up on them as I really love al things maritime

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I consider starting one of my old ships, so Constellation or Alabama ??

But one thing is sure, all the rigging will be done with EZ line... 

Whatever Agent K, you really did a top notch job on this one !

Brilliant build ! Congrats moreover for a first shot !! Good Good !



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I wish my first ever model had turned out half as well as this! :goodjob:


Martian 👽

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Great build! :goodjob:


A quick question to the original: How is the ship now - is it finished being restored after the fire some years back? :hmmm:

I don't always get the really omportant news of the world here in Denmark. :winkgrin:


Cheers :bye:

Hans J

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