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11 hours ago, rockpopandchips said:

Will you be highlight the edge of the lower metal legs as well?

Yes I think so, but maybe with drybrushed edges rather than edge highlights? I don't usually find metallics are soft enough for that to look good. It might be that I don't have the technique yet but I'm not usually sure about it when the GW painters to it on e.g. swords.


I've started on those claws though, with a basecoat of (two thin coats of) Screaming Bell. This is a pretty horrible metallic on its own, but it does have a good colour as a base for copper and once washed with Agrax Earthshade I think it's OK.




You can see how poor the coverage is after two coats though!


I'm intending to use Vallejo Liquid Metal Copper to highlight these, but I need to see how well that drybrushes since I normally paint it on. Hopefully the effect will be like the Tesla carbine muzzles on the Immortals above.




11 hours ago, rockpopandchips said:

I suppose that might come with the glow effect of the gun, will be interesting to see how you tackle the glow with all those legs and bits sticking out all over.

Yeah it's going to be slightly fiddly just getting in to paint it at all. I *think* that because it's all in shadow it won't need to be too perfect, and I can keep the glows quite short-ranged like I did on the Immortals. That should save some effort and mean I don't have to worry too much about legs, but maybe some glow on the chins might be right?





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In related news my fancy-pants wet palette from Redgrass Games' Kickstarter turned up today:




So far so good, although the magnets which hold the well palette in place are a bit feeble.




If I don't instantly become a genius level painter now I shall be sorely disappointed!



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Did some test painting last night and this morning, seems good so far:




The paint all stayed workable overnight and doesn't seem to have got unworkably thin. So far so good.




Haven't actually done much on the wraiths but I made a start on the glowy bits as you can hopefully see above. And the reason I haven't had much painting time is that WE WERE WATCHING DUNE IN THE CINEMA!!!


Result, etc.



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Wow just stunning work Will ! Honestly I'm blown away and the glow effect is lovely. it's not just your brush work that is impressive your pictures are lush mate and it looks like I could reach into the screen and pick a figure up, man I wish I could get pictures half as good as that. It's work like this that inspires to have a go at these kind of miniatures and in fact I have some stashed away and this has made me decide to dig them out and have a go.


the wet pallete looks very good too



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