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Airfix: The Golden Years Gallery

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88mm Flak Gun and Sd Kfz7 Tractor.


A lot of fun and a surprisingly good little kit for such an oldie.












Thanks for looking :)

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AVRO 504 K

D Flight No. 4 FTS

Abu Sueir, Egypt, 1920's




This is the 1978 boxing of the Airfix 504 K. It was built out of the box with a couple of scratch details such as the wind shields and aileron cable guides. I brush painted it with Xtracrylics Light Aircraft Grey and various Humbrol/Revell/Citadel acrylics. The rigging was done with Uschi's Superfine rigging thread.



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr




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This is the 1987 boxing of the Bristol Fighter F.2B with the transfers for 5 Squadron from the 1962 'Red Stripe' Header/Bag version . 





Build thread is here:

Very enjoyable build with wood effects and rigging adding an extra challenge. Many thanks for all the input and support, BM Modellers.

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1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk 1.


Loved this kit.  So much so I have a bid on fleabay for another 2....


Brush painted with tamiya acrylics and kit decals (apart from the wing roundels).  As per the build thread thought I was scuppered with the decals but came OK in the end.


A little bit rough around the edges (and NO weathering whatsoever!) but it is what it is :)














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The Triceratops Face Off is now ready for the Gallery.


An enjoyable pair of builds,  one straight out the box, the other modified a bit with legs moved, head tilted and mouth opened a bit wider. Nothing fancy with the paintwork, base colours a wash or two and a bit of dry brushing here and there. It's all close enough for Government work.

The first base I built for the pair just didn't look right with the Dinosaurs on it. This far simpler version seems to work much better.











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1914 Dennis Fire Engine finally complete.  Full details here:





Sorry about the background on this one - I thought it would be blurred and out of focus but modern cameras are too clever!












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Another from me. This time it's the Heinkel He111 in winter clothing.




Nearly an out the box build, had I not smashed the canopy by accident it would have been finished as Airfix intended. A vac formed canopy donated to the cause by Adrian saved the day. It did mean that a bit of extra detailing had to be fitted into the suddenly open cockpit though. Nothing much, a couple of tape seat belts and a bit of sprue work was enough for me. The looming end to the GB called a halt to adding much more, the side windows were glazed with Glue 'n Glaze and that's about it for modifications.

Paintwork started with a two tone cammo pattern that rapidly disappeared underneath multiple coats of thinned pale blue and white.

The base is the usual picture frame with a bit of garden grit and sand, covered with sprinkled pollyfilla masquerading as Russian snow. The yellow bits on the corners got added as a nod to Luftwaffe underside colours as the base started to look a bit pale with blue on its own.



And to finish, I've added another older build to the picture. It's the same plane, finished to replicate the first issue box top. That box would have made the picture but it's completely buried up in the loft. The T3 boxtop is covering for it instead.




Another completion to add to my very long term aim of having the whole Airfix range, built and boxed!



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1/76 Sherman 'Command Tank'


Well here is the 'straw that nearly broke the camel's back'.  It started out as a Sherman Crab - with a flail attachment - but I'm going to use that on something else.  It was a very naïve kit with a few challenges that I as a newbie hadn't tackled before - like rubber tracks.  Still I think that's what this GB has been all about.


I messed about with it a lot, adding clean air filters at the back / reversing the hatch covers / adding gun cleaning rods / replacing lifting hooks / adding track armour and side armour plates / creating a radio back box with jerry can and finally a load of aerials - as befits a command tank - oh and not forgetting a tank commander himself.  Apart from that...  it was OOB :lol:


I have been having some problems 'off forum' too - so thanks for all the support in dragging me over the finish line - it appreciated.  So here it is...












I do hope you like it - this has been a great GB and once again - thanks for all the kind words of support - you are a great bunch - Steve

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At last I've got one finished, definitely behind the drag curve! there are certainly some prolific modellers in this GB!!  


Anyway here is the 1975 Airfix MRCA Prototonka in the guise of the German P.01 D9591 shown on it's first flight on August 14th 1974 from Manching Air Base, Germany.


I have built the kit with an approximation of dropped flaps/slats. I had to modify the head boxes of the ejections seats, 'cos they just looked silly! The decals are partly the kit supplied and my own home print. The undercarriage has been extended to represent the in-flight relaxed position, surprisingly the most fiddly part of the kit is the main undercarriage doors which do not have any way of attachment so I added  a bit of plastic rod in the rough position of the door retraction arm as a sort of stay.


The display base is just a bit of MDF I had, a home made motion blurred runway effect done in Corel Photopaint and some acrylic rod with afterburner decals (Corel Photopaint again) 3 layered on each side and slightly misaligned.


Thank you to the hosts for a very well organised GB which I thoroughly enjoyed along with the kit...... well done to all, have a rest, you deserve it. Hope you like it.












Cheers, Mark.


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B-29 "Eddie Allen" 












Built as per the box art with all (well most) of the moving parts moving. Not one for the faint hearted this was a brute to handle during the final build stages, and its a miracle I didn't break any sticky out bits. 


Thanks for looking.


Cheers Greg

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Whew!  Finished, in the nick of time...
Airfix 03021 SA330 Puma, with Rotor Craft composite rotors, a light/lantern from an Airfix Sea King HC4 and a few scratch-built 'lumps and bumps.  Main colours are Xtracolor RAF Dark Green and Lichen Green overcoated with Humbrol Matt Varnish, various other Humbrol and Revell enamels used for other details (Humbrol 163 for the Rotor blades to give some contrast with the Xtracolor shade, for instance).  The only decals I used from the kit were the red lines around the door, home-made decals for the 'Danger' markings on the tale and the RAF logo on the doors, generic RAF lettering for the tail code, and small roundels from a Revell Tornado GR1.









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The started, stalled and then re-started Bulldog build has finally finished!


A hot and cold build, sometimes really enjoyable, sometimes  it really did drag a bit. Putting it away for a while helped a lot. I'm not sure why it never really gelled for me, it's a very nice little kit that certainly looks like a Bulldog to me. The various struts and the undercarriage really tried my patience, but that can be put down to my ham fistedness at times. No rigging attempted, I'll leave that for a future build. The chances of me successfully rigging in between those tiny struts over the fuselage is about nil!   The little base suits the model, although a larger bit of grass with the rest of the Airfix interwar biplanes on it would be nicer. One for later maybe?


Now it's done I quite like the plane and will probably add the other Airfix Bulldog schemes to my collection at some point.


Here's the model...









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Here's my contribution to what has been a truly marvellous Group Build. Thanks to all of you for the encouragement and inspiration along the way, I'm so glad I took part. 


Now back in 1971 Airfix made many modellers happy when they released their version of De Havilland Canada's DHC-2 Beaver. OOB this kit builds up as an British Army AH.1, however with a few tweaks here and there a stock Beaver can be built with only the slightest of modifications required. The kit comes with options for floats and ski's and I chose the latter to replicate a A95-201 as operated by the RAAF during their Antarctic expeditions (circa 1955-56). To tie this all together, I've added a few typical 'Polar' props and made a fairly basic T4 box inspired framed base. IMO this is still a very serviceable kit and ripe for Hornby to re-release it as part of their 'new' Vintage Classics collection. 


Cheers.. Dave (yes its me - that annoying member who keeps pestering you with GB Build list updates!!) 














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Bristol Bloodhound

OO Scale


Airfix first released the Mk.1 Bristol Bloodhound in 1960, and this is the 1973 boxing of that kit. In the main it was built out of the box with most of the improvements being made to the Land Rover interior, it's a shame that it can't be seen, but I know that it is there. :) I couldn't find a great deal of info but did come across this site during searches which had lots of photos of de-commissioned bases - Wattisham Mk2 Bloodhound there are further links to other Bloodhound bases within the site - and the BM forum has a Bloodhound Walkaround, all of which proved useful.  

Here is my little vignette of a Bristol Bloodhound launch site.



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr

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Well it's been a blooming long time getting here, but hopefully you agree it's been worth it !


This is the early Red Stripe boxing of this kit moulded in black plastic, which was very popular with the British Bomber kits of the era. I have had this kit longer than I remember so this GB was the ideal chance to build it. The fit of the parts was much than I feared, ideally I would have fitted vacformed clear parts but I used the originals Airfix provided. Traditional Humbrol enamels for the paint, applied with hairy stick.


Thank you to everyone for the continuous encouragement it was really appreciated. Hopefully I have done this Airfix Classic justice 


cheers Pat












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Well, I can tick the Savoia Marchetti SM79off the build list now. 😁


A build out of nowhere really.  I started it, more in hope than expectation, a week or so before I thought the GB was due to end. A weeks extension to the Group Build suddenly made this one a possibility for inclusion. An almost out the box build, it got a Falcon canopy added and I'm very happy with the fit and finish of it. The clear part lined up against the Airfix fuselage perfectly.

All brush painted, necessary once I had wimped out of trying out my airbrush on it. I'm happy enough with the fictitious result, it looks the part to me. As usual, I've added a few period bits and bobs for some of the Gallery shots along with the plane taking centre stage as well.


All in all, a highly enjoyable build. I'll have a go at another at some point for sure.


Over to the pictures...








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In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue....! These little ditties were drummed into us at school and it worked!


I decided to take on the Santa Maria to make sure we had a kit in the GB from 1954. The kit went together very well and I added in standing and running rigging to hopefully enhance the model. If I had more time, I would have a go at creating a small 'seascape' for the hull to sit in, like the very first tooling of this kit.


The rudder is an omission from the kit so I added one in but the hull is very well detailed and the masts a solid fit. I enjoyed building it and the build thread is here.


Thanks again to all you BM Modellers who checked in and provided tips and encouragement during the build - made it an absolute pleasure.






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Here is the Honda CB450 - a finely molded kit with a lot of the details that a true biker (not me) will recognise. There was still room, though, to add in brake cables from handle bars and wheel hub actuators....and I did the frame in Oxford Blue rather than black.


I've never built a model of a motorbike before but took this on to make sure this GB covered all the bases in terms of kit subjects - there were plenty of 4-wheeled subjects but no 2-wheelers.


Build thread is here.

Thanks again to all you Modellers out there who really 'come along' with the builds and make the amateurs like me feel brave enough to push the boundaries of knowledge and skill.







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'The Eagle has landed' - that's the second time I have used this line, the first was when this lovely kit arrived in the post, generously sent over by 'our Heather' - the story is in the build thread.


The kit went together very well and a couple of additions in the way of 'moondust' and 'gold heat resistant film' (delicious Ferrero Rocher) really added a bit extra.


Very enjoyable and great fun - the build thread is here:

Many thanks again to Heather and all you other excellent modellers who pitched in with help and support as is the norm for BM and this Airfix 'The Golden Years' GB in particular.














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Well, the restoration of my damaged and incomplete Ferguson Tractor, from 1948 is as done as I can get it for now.


It’s  finished enough to display, and that’s a major leap forward for me. The model would quite likely have sat in its storage box for a few more years had the Group Build not come along to rescue it.


It’s been restored as an Airfix Ferguson rather than built as a model of the original tractor, hence the lack of extra detailing over that provided by Airfix in 1948 or so.

 The original paint on the model would not respond to stripper or bleach, so it got flatted off with wet and dry paper and redone in Humbrol Maroon No20 and Xtracolour Mobility Command Grey. The Grey on its own looked far too drab to me, hence the addition of the Maroon Hood and Wings.

The model was missing its front near side suspension leg, the steering wheel and column and the seat and spring. I’ve scratch built that lot using brass tube and various bits and pieces of plastic rod and tube. The seat was shaped in milliput, then carved and sanded to final finish. The finished pieces pass reasonably close inspection but a full on Airfix buff would probably spot the additions.

I’ve not added any draw bars to the tractor as mine were completely missing and I didn’t think I could make up a set with the references to hand.  A set might turn up at some point or maybe a piece or two to copy. The Tractor displays just fine without them for now.


Here’s the Origin of the Species as it sits at the moment, somehow half the gearstick has gone missing, it could be anywhere between my bench and my garden, where a couple of pictures were taken. I’m suffering Ferguson Overload at the moment, I’ll make a new gearstick later.


A thoroughly enjoyable bit of kit rescue and a fitting one for me to close my Group Build contributions with.


Thanks are due to the organisers for a rolling couple of months of nostalgia overload, I’ve had an absolute blast!













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