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Airfix: The Golden Years Gallery

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Post your completed builds here. No more than five photos per entry.

Please do not post comments in this thread. All comments should go in the subject's build thread

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Pete's 1\300 Golden Hind.

At only 23 pieces not much to put together but considering the age of the mould easy to put together.

And apologies for finishing so quick.

But being so small it doesn't lend much for my brushing skills.

I have even put some rigging on.41810036654_1a404bbe12_c.jpg41810036694_01d82da462_c.jpg41810036724_aba6d59093_c.jpg41810036734_599cdcc26b_c.jpg

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First released in 1973 (in a bag), my kit probably dates from just after Airfix adopted the bubble pack, so maybe 1974-75?  It was a fun kit to build and the pieces went together very well, with very little flash and no re-modeling of any great shakes.  I took the opportunity to expand my scratch building technique and spent a fair amount of time (probably half the build time) on the interior.  It paid off because although one cannot see all the detail I added, the cockpit looks full, busy and there is definitely life inside.  It was a much better option than the rather sparse and clunky interior provided by Airfix.   I also added running lights, port and starboard, whip antennae, radio antennae and ground line.


The decals provided had yellowed so I swerved off a bit and picked a set of LF decals depicting an O-1 from the 407th Squadron flight school near Tablata, Spain, in the 1960s.  Artie can verify this for me.  They looked really nice but I was a bit disappointed.  First off, they are not individual decals.  It is a single very thin dermis over the markings, which means I had to cut each one out individually.  That was difficult with some of the very small white lettering on the white paper, but I was careful.  Secondly, the roundels are slightly off-register.  This can be seen on the kit, but not on the paper.  Oh well.  Nothing is perfect.


Paints are all Vallejo Air or Vallejo.  Fitting for a Spanish Birddog, I think.  Very fun.  I had a great time building it and it sits well in the Cold War Cabinet.















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This is my second one and my last for the moment and quite a friendly kit with no major dramas the only real was the bent b pillars but the cured itself when the windows went in.

The colours are a mix of tamiya and for the main body copy is hycoat car paint.42665564332_9fb950731c_c.jpg42665564312_c1bc872046_c.jpg42665564272_2283c07db7_c.jpg42665564242_17ce38d7ae_c.jpg42665564232_34334e5b3d_c.jpg

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I present...the Airfix Brewster Buffalo as flown off the deck of the USS Lexington, c. 1941.  I kept the plane pretty clean since it was just shy of actual wartime duty, or at least at the beginning before they repainted everything--goodbye to the yellow wings and stars and meatballs!


Pretty much OOB except for some cockpit details, the gun sight and the internal bracing beneath the canopy.  Humbrol rattle can yellow and aluminum with the rest being Vallejo.  The radio wire is stretched sprue.


I loved making this kit, especially since I decided to make it a wheels-up flying model.  I bent the stand a bit to give it a rakish look.  I opted out of the 'spinning plastic disc' prop.  I liked the static look better.  


This is my third Buffalo of the year (Finnish, English, American) and as of now, I have only one more to build, the second of the Hasagawa Finns.  Later, perhaps.











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Airfix 1/72 Fairey Rotodyne


You can find the WIP thread for this build by clicking here.


Originally intended as a straightforward out of the box build of this 1959 vintage kit, it became obvious eventually that retaining that essential Airfix rivetty goodness wouldn’t be as easy as at first hoped. Once that decision had been taken, small detail enhancements were made to the kit. Cockpit side window sliding runners, the instrument probe, and tiny windscreen wipers (if you can spot them!) were added. Undercarriage doors were thinned and shaped, and some panels scribed into the rotor tower. 


The kit paint guide and transfers allow the builder to make a representation of XE521 in the first iteration of the white, French blue and natural metal livery applied by Fairey Aviation before the aircraft began a series of public exhibitions and tours in 1959. 


Problems were inevitably encountered with aged transfers, so a fair amount of repair and colour matching was required to sort those out. With no aftermarket material for this kit that I could find, I have had to make do with what I had. Although it has its flaws, I think it's turned out quite well, and the finished model captures the look of the iconic prototype aircraft quite well. 


My thanks to everyone for their comments and encouragement during the build. I'm glad you enjoyed it!



Fairey Rotodyne by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr



Fairey Rotodyne by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr



Fairey Rotodyne by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr



Fairey Rotodyne by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr



Fairey Rotodyne by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr




Edited by Heather Kay
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I present my third (yes...they mould 'em, I build 'em) build for this fine and fun GB...the Airfix Avro 504K.  This kit was released in 1967 and shares many of the same design and moulding characteristics of their Sopwith Pup, released 6 years later.  The famous Airfix struts--connected at one end for easy mounting--come to mind as does the quality and colour of the plastic--light yellow/tan.  It is an easy build, designed for excited small hands.  I kept it pretty basic and concentrated on the exterior (decals, colour, rigging) rather than adding a lot of doo-dads inside, although there is plenty of room and many aftermarket opportunities for those who wish to go down that route.


The decals are from an old sheet I had from Bluerider/Insignia for the Servicio de Aviación Militar de Chile, 1922...and I quote, "This machine was purchased with the aid of a Public School Collection.  No. 75 crashed on June 4, 1922 killing its pilot, Lt. Alfredo Bravo Romero."  Tough luck, Alfredo.


Painted with Mr. Kit British CDL, PC-12, some Vallejo for the aluminum, black, etc...Rigged with monofilament, some sprue and the smallest amount of EZ Line. I replaced a few of the moulded control horns with Evergreen.   I added the windscreens and only just now realized I did not attach the pitot tube on the outer port strut!  I'll do so later.  I need a break from this kit!  Anyway...for your perusal...












By the way...the Mig-15 was in Athens yesterday!  It might actually make it here today!  Very little rigging on the Mig...


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Airfix HO/OO Village Church


I have no idea what I expected from this ancient little kit – which dates back to 1959.  It’s not exactly ‘complex’ but I found that most of the parts were badly warped.  With such a basic framework it was a prime candidate for a little ‘dressing up’.  I only really added the window panes as homemade ‘aftermarket’ though – everything else was done with paints and washes.


As usual, I was ‘encouraged’ into going further – by the ‘usual suspects’ and that is where the churchyard around it comes from.  It's made from Balsa wood and some strips of moulded plastic brickwork.  The rest was done with a bit of blended turf mix and green spongey lumps.  The memorial, the graves and the two trees are genuine ‘aftermarket’ though.


The build itself was very easy and fast flowing, with a lot of support and ideas being thrown into the mix along the way.  The interior lighting was just one example of how a crazy idea can turn into reality.


Many thanks to everyone for their comments and encouragement during the build & I'm pleased you some of you enjoyed it and had a bit of fun with me along the way!


If you want to see what it looks like ‘on the bench’ - you can find the WIP here… https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235038732-hooo-village-church/













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Meteor III


The Airfix meteor was my first model, built with my Dad. Failed to complete it due to the wings warping when left on the mantelpiece to dry, but I was hooked.

So some 45 years later I have finally built that Airfix Meteor that started it all.




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My DH88 Comet from hell is finally as done as it ever will be.


It's fought me every inch of the way and it's not exactly one for close study now it's finished. Flaws in the paintwork and rather untidy canopy lining let the side down. Keep a respectful distance away and it looks OK.  I'm happy enough with it now the drama is over.



Here's a few shots of it with different display ideas to take your eye of the model itself 😁


Nearly done here, just the undercarriage to go. A first issue stand fitted as a nod to the kits history.




Next up, sat on the chrome card base I folded up for it, with the Mildenhall runway concrete chosen over the plain black insert.




The same thing, but with the base swapped around to show the bolder script that I cut of the box the kit came in.




Then, we have the money shot, I cut the boxtop up and fitted it at the back of the base to give me a poor mans Store Display.

I've removed the background to clean things up a bit.







Well, there we have it, all done and dusted. Despite me continually moaning about the kit, now it's done, and sat on its display stand. I quite like it.









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My third offering for this GB...the Mig-15 from Airfix, ca. 1979 box.  I started off making a GDR aircraft, but then shifted gears and went with the kit decals which were in great shape.  So it turned into a Lim-2 along the way.  Such is life!


A far amount of scratch building--innards and landing gear, air brakes, exhaust nozzle, etc...This is a great kit to add scratch built bits to since there is so little detail to begin with.  I certainly had fun!  I kept the weathering to a minimum since this aircraft didn't see much action beyond training  and reconnaissance sorties and I imagine the Polish ground crews kept them pretty clean anyway.  And I am pretty sure the call sign is the wrong colour.  The numbers were probably red.  And there are too many insignia but I was enthusiastic and followed the box instructions as I was taught to do by my father.  Paints are all Vallejo and Vallejo Air.










There is a hint in the pictures as to "what's next..."  😉




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For me, a pretty quick build.  The good old BF109 F4.

Build OOB apart from tape belts and some newer decals (and some stencils from the spares bag).  The airfix decals were pretty good considering the age.  pity about the paint colour showing through but hey ho....


A pretty straight forward build only complicated by myself ;)


Please excuse the trenches that are meant to be panel lines (rather than panel troughs!) and the only half white spinner - should be 2/3 white.


Decided not to attempt any weathering (mainly cause I can't 🤣).


By no stretch of the imagination is it very neat and tidy but that's me all over - scruffy ;)










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Sooo the mosquito is finally finished.


If I hadn't used the resin set it would have been done about a fortnight ago but it seemed rude not to.


Not exactly build OOB (eduard etch set, resin canon bay/gun bay, baracuda stencils and eduard canopy mask all be it for the tamiya kit but fits nicely).


I'm not sure if i would use a resin set again (especially not on a kit if I'm being honest in some parts does not fit together that well) but the problems I encountered were in all fairness probably down to me 🙄


As you can see I kinda screwed up on the nose bay - the ammo feed chutes refused to play and thankfully I don't have to even TRY and fit a cover over them.  Oh, the and wayward gun barrel has been "adjusted"....


I can't make up my mind if the pig tails are too big - didn't have anything smaller (well at least that i could SEE).


Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the result (by my standards 🤣)








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What is this..the fourth from me?  I am mightily obsessed boys and girls...I know my builds will never be those one finds in competition, but I do love the hobby and I have the time to engage and become absorbed...


Airfix/MPC Roland C-11; all Vallejo paints; some mild scratch building; Print Scale decals; kit-supplied stand and 'rotating' propeller;  


There are so many GeeBees going on now that will not end until October.  I can jump in and out if I wish, right?


I had lots of fun and I hope you did too!  Now...I have about 2 weeks before the NATO/Warsaw Pact 60s GB begins.  I think I am just going to bow out of the GeeBees for a bit and just build something else.  I have an Italieri C-119C Flying Boxcar that has been looming over the stash for a while now...Hmmm...Can I build it in two weeks?  











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Airfix 1/24 Spitfire - In 'Bronze'


I never intended to build this for the GB - it just kind of happened.  There is a WIP thread if you want to find out what it's all about - but here she is in all her 'massive glory'...













Keep having fun folks - Steve :D

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Got one in - the Westland Whirlwind 1978 edition. Build thread is here:






I may do some weathering when I get back because this airframe was photographed in a state of extreme shabbiness.


Thanks for a great GB!


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1/72 Focke-Wulf Fw. 190 F-8


As captured by Yugoslav Partisans in 1944 (decals by Lift Here).

Unusually, this F-8 reportedly had an atypical cockpit canopy (before anyone says!)


The build thread is here.














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Here's my pair of Hunters. It needed two planes to look right to me. Not only that, having two planes on display spreads the lack of detail out a bit. The planes might get a pitot tube each if they are lucky. I usually use needles for that and invariably impail myself on them at some stage, so  I won't be too unhappy if I never fit them!


The black finish has proved to be very difficult to photograph, the colour eats light!


One gallery picture sums up the build well enough. An enjoyable and nostalgic bit of modelling.



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Well calling this finished (of sorts)....


Kit went together well.  Decals were not too shabby at all (even though one fin flash and one under wing roundel had a reaction to the top coat of gloss varnish).  And for once for me,  ALL the stencils were added 🤣


All went well till I brush painted the dark green top colour.....even though I'd really thinned the humbrol tinlet it build up a "ridge" against the masking tape / blutack worms.  I took a sanding stick to it but didn't really rectify the situation :(.  However (although it does not really show in the pics) the sanding stick took the paint off the raised panel lines / hatches etc so looks a bit weathered.


And (my first try at it) I think I've WELL overdone the chipping on the spinner.  And there is something not quite right looking in regards the prop.  There was only 1 way to fit the blades to the hub but something I fear is amiss......


Anyway,  the sun is over the yard arm as they say so cheers ;)













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Airfix Windmill – HO/OO


This is a re-badge of an original 1959 Airfix kit.  It has been a fun build, with very few problems, other than those I made for myself.  The kit contains a lot of flash and a few holes here and there, but nothing was warped or beyond a little repair.  I went ‘old school’ with a variety of old / part used rattle cans – rather than the airbrush.  The only ‘off piste’ action was adding a motor to the sails.  Sadly I can’t show that here – but it is very cute when it’s spinning round.  I would definitely build it again and maybe lavish a little more time on it too.  I hope you like it – Steve.













...BTW - if you missed the WIP - it's here - it was a lot of fun...



Thanks for looking :D

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Hi guys 


So after a long hard slog my 1/24 Mk Vb is finished. I had loads of fun and frustration doing this kit but loved every minute of it. 


Added some aftermarket namely HGW belts, master cannon barrels, resin seat and a resin control stick. Used Montex masks for the letters and serial numbers and decals for everything else. 


Scratch built wheel well details, and loads of cockpit detail too. There was nothing in there but there is now. 


Also scratch built the bomb trolley and made the base. 


My first attempt at scratch building. I'm pleased with my efforts. 


If you're interested here's the build thread 


And on with the photos. 












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Airfix 1/72nd BN-2 Islander. ZK-DBV of Real Journies. Only mod made was by adding extra cabin windows and cutting away the extended pointed wing tips.







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