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12.7mm, (0.5”) Ammo Belts. 1:32. (632121)

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12.7mm, (0.5”) Ammo Belts

Brassin 1:32



Eduard seem to have a never ending stream of ideas for making modellers lives easier, or more difficult, depending on your point of view. If you’ve ever wanted extra ammunition belts to pose on your latest 1:32 creation, or replace the kit ones with something a little more accurate, then this set could be the answer.  The blister pack contains four lengths of ammo belts, each around 70mm long.  Once removed from their moulding blocks they are reasonably flexible, enough to drape over a wing or fit into an ammo tray and inserted into a breech. If you want more curvature then you will need to use hot/near boiling water to make them truly flexible to get that realistic look.




These belts are very well moulded and will look great once painted up and added to your model and/or diorama.





Review samples courtesy of



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