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1/12 Honda VFR 750R

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Hi All,

I found this one on the same shelf as the RGB500. I have been making steady progress on this as well.

So, pictures:

First, the inevitable box top:


The model has a clear cowl, so that you can see all the beautiful mechanicals underneath. However, I will be painting it white as I want it to look like a bike not a toy...

The engine. A proper little gem:






The instructions suggest that you mix aluminium and Red Brown (XF9) to paint the engine. That came out as a rather odd looking metallic medium pink. Whether it's right or not, I don't know, but to my eye it didn't. So, I painted it semi-gloss black.

The engine in the frame.


This fitted rather well. The frame at the back looks a bit delicate, easily broken and hard to repair. So I cust a piece of styrene tube and popped between the lugs on the back of the frame. So far, no problem.

Add the wheels:


The rear shock:


I painted the spring gloss red with Humbrol Hu19 acrylic over a grey acrylic primer coat. It seems to have come out ok. I'm hoping that the grey may help the red to adhere better. Who knows. It'll be hidden in the guts of the model when complete, so no one will be able to tell anyway!

The exhaust and chain guard:


The exhaust has given me the most trouble, as I wanted the silencer to be chrome (Molotow), but whatever I did, It wouldn't work well. It looked rather lumpy on the silencer. So, in the end I painted it silver (X11). I did consider spraying it with Molotow, but I don't have enough to spray. It's mounted on the bike now, so no going back.

Chain and swing arm attached:


Starting took like something.


The exhaust assembled and installed.



I thought that this would be a real problem, especially the rear pipes, but I took a deep breath, read and re-read the instructions many times, and followed them. After a brief tussle, they popped into place. After that, fitting the front piped was a breeze. Ther was a small join to make good with filler where the front and back systems met. That's all.



Well, that's all for the moment. I'm working on the fuel induction system at the moment. More pictures when I have uploaded them...


Thanks for looking, Alan.


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Hello All,


July 2018! Nearly three years!

I decided to pick this one up again.

Not much in the way of pictures, but some progress anyway.


Here are the assorted gubbins that I started working on again:


The radiator (and fans), the inlet Plenum and front discs.

One of the reasons that this got stalled was the fact that I couldn't find the little nut that holds the rear wheel in place.

I worked out the size (M2 4mm across flats), and ordered some from Amazon.

Guess what, the next day, I found the nut in the box! Oh well, small nuts will come in useful.


The air box (Plenum) and carburettors fitted. It looks complex, but the fit onto the engine is accurate and secure.




I have done more, but not captured in pixels yet.


More soon.

Thanks for looking.




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Hi All,


Some more pictures:


The rear wheel attached. Thanks to finding the little nut...




Front wheel assembly. Waiting for me to get the forks and handlebars sorted.


Thanks for looking.




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