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Preposterous things on an E-100 Part 3 - The Waffenträger

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E-100 Waffenträger with 128mm gun

Modelcollect 1/72


This is Modelcollect's Waffenträger (weapons carrier) version of their E-100, carrying a turreted 128mm Flak 40. The company seems determined to release the E-100 with every conceivable weapon that they can shoehorn onto it, however impractical the result may appear. I built a couple of the other versions last year (which can be found here), and I quite like them for their utter daftness.

This one was built mainly OOB, although I slightly detailed up the turret casing with lifting eyes, weld beads etc. and @Richard E very kindly donated some tools and stowage to dress up the hull a little.

The full build can be found here


















And finally, here it is with the previous two instalments of this series of looniness




Thanks for looking







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Just read a book about how much the German war effort was sustained by drugs. Maybe the good people at Modelcollect are following suit. 


Great work. 



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