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Gloy Paints range


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As previously hinted at in the Compucolor/DBI thread, here's my list of the Gloy standard and authentic ranges. I'm not sure if they're complete. I suspect that the railway range isn't, judging by the gaps in the numbers, but I think that the standard and aircraft ranges are. If that's the case, I'm surprised that there weren't any post-war colours. Maybe you know something I don't!


My first Gloy Authentics were bought from Ren Models in Cambridge. This would have been in the early eighties, from their Mill Road shop. I think they may have been in Burleigh Street before that, but I would have been quite young (i.e. pre-teen) and maybe only went there once or twice. Anyway, I remember that they had a large, white, wire mesh basket near the entrance that was full of heavily-discounted Gloy paints and I bought as many as I could afford. I suspect that this was the stock being offloaded once the paints had been discontinued. I'm not sure why they stopped making them, but it seems that they were made for Gloy by Henkel, so maybe it was something to do with the latter.


Over they following years I managed to acquire quite a few more, to the point where I have over 400 of them! I got lucky a few years ago when somebody nearby was selling a whole load of paints, mostly Gloy, and I got 298 tins and bottles for £16! Some colours have remained elusive, whilst others I have multiples of. If anyone else has some missing colours maybe we could do swapsies? Just a thought....


I thought it quite interesting that Compucolor used at least some of the Gloy standard range colours. I wonder if there was some kind of connection between the two. This is the sort of thing that keeps me awake at night!



This is what I have so far. Again, if anyone can fill in the blanks, it would be much appreciated. I think it would be useful to have a reference for those who are interested in these long-gone paints.


Standard range
ST/G/1 Ivory
ST/G/2 Pale Grey
ST/G/3 Grey
ST/G/4 Dark Grey
ST/G/5 Bright Poppy Red
ST/G/6 Scarlet
ST/G/7 Crimson
ST/G/8 Maroon
ST/G/9 Orange
ST/G/10 Yellow
ST/G/11 Mustard
ST/G/12 Biscuit
ST/G/13 Stone
ST/G/14 Buff
ST/G/15 Purple
ST/G/16 Cerise
ST/G/17 Lime Green
ST/G/18 Foliage Green
ST/G/19 Dark Green
ST/G/20 Tan
ST/G/21 Service Brown
ST/G/22 Light Blue
ST/G/23 Mid Blue
ST/G/24 French Blue
ST/G/25 Dark Blue
ST/G/26 Silver
ST/G/27 Gun Metal
ST/G/28 Gold
ST/G/29 Brass
ST/G/30 Copper
ST/G/31 Bronze
ST/G/32 Metallic Green
ST/G/33 Metallic Red
ST/G/34 Metallic Blue
ST/G/35 Gloss Polyurethane
ST/G/36 Matt Polyurethane
ST/G/37 Gloss Black
ST/G/38 Gloss White
ST/M/39 Matt Black
ST/M/40 Matt White
ST/M/41 Light Grey
ST/M/42 Slate
ST/M/43 Field Grey
ST/M/44 Dark Grey
ST/M/45 Olive Drab
ST/M/46 Scarlet
ST/M/47 Apricot
ST/M/48 Sand
ST/M/49 Brick Red
ST/M/50 Khaki
ST/M/51 Ochre
ST/M/52 Dark Green
ST/M/53 Blue Green
ST/M/54 Grass Green
ST/M/55 Blue Grey
ST/M/56 Cerulean Blue
ST/M/57 Dark Blue Grey
ST/M/58 Cobalt Blue
ST/M/59 Midnight Blue
ST/M/60 Ultramarine
ST/M/61 Aluminium
ST/M/62 Dark Earth
ST/M/63 Matt Yellow

Military Aircraft range
A301 RAF Dark Green
A302 RAF Dark Earth
A303 RAF Sky
A304 RAF Medium Sea Grey
A305 RAF Dark Slate Grey
A306 RAF Extra Dark Sea Grey
A307 RAF Sky Grey
A308 RAF Yellow
A309 Photographic PRU Blue
A310 Ocean Grey
A311 RAF Azure Blue
A312 RAF Middle Stone
A313 RAF Ident Red (dull)
A314 RAF Ident Blue (dull)
A315 RAF Ident Red (bright)
A316 RAF Ident Blue (bright)
A317 RAF Grey Green (internal)
A319 USAF Dark Olive Drab No. 41
A320 USAF Olive Drab ANA613
A321 USAF Medium Green ANA612
A322 USAF Neutral Gray No. 43
A323 USAF Light Gray
A324 USAF Chromate Yellow (internal)
A325 USN Light Gray (pre-war) ANA620
A326 USN Blue Gray ANA603
A327 USN Intermediate Blue ANA608
A328 USN Non Specular Sea Blue ANA607
A329 USN Semi Gloss Sea Blue ANA606
A330 USN Glossy Sea Blue ANA623
A331 USN Light Gull Gray ANA620
A332 USN Dark Gull Gray ANA621
A333 USAF Sand ANA616
A334 USAF Desert Drab ANA628
A335 USAF Azure Blue ANA609
A336 USAF Interior Green ANA611
A337 USAF Insignia Yellow ANA614
A338 USAF Insignia Red ANA619
A339 USAF Insignia Blue ANA605
A340 Luftwaffe RLM 70 Schwartzgrun
A341 Luftwaffe RLM 71 Dunkelgrun
A342 Luftwaffe RLM 65 Hellblau
A343 Luftwaffe RLM 02 Grau
A344 Luftwaffe RLM 72 Grun
A345 Luftwaffe RLM 73 Grun
A346 Luftwaffe RLM 74 Dunkelgrau
A347 Luftwaffe RLM 75 Mittelgrau
A348 Luftwaffe RLM 76 Hellgrau
A349 Luftwaffe RLM 79a Sandbraun
A350 Luftwaffe RLM 79 Sandgelb
A351 Luftwaffe RLM 78 Himmelblau
A352 Luftwaffe RLM 80 Olivgrun
A353 Luftwaffe RLM 28 Weinrot
A354 Luftwaffe RLM 04 Gelb
A355 Luftwaffe RLM 62 Grun
A356 Luftwaffe RLM 61 Dunkelbraun
A357 Luftwaffe RLM 63 Hellgrau
A358 Luftwaffe RLM 23 Rot
A359 Luftwaffe RLM 25 Hellgrun
A360 Luftwaffe RLM 24 Dunkelblau
A361 Airframe White
A362 Airframe Black
A363 Duralumin


Railway range
R201 GWR Loco Green

R202  GWR Coach Stock Cream
R203 GWR Coach Stock Windsor Brown

R204 GWR Freight Stock Grey

R205 GWR Loco Indian Red

R206 GWR Roof White

R207 LMS Crimson Lake

R208 LMS Maroon

R209 LMS Freight Stock Grey

R210 LMS Freight Stock Dark Grey

R211 LMS Freight Stock Bauxite
R212 LMS Loco Black

R213 LNER Darlington Loco Green
R214 LNER Doncaster Loco Green
R215 LNER Coach Teak
R216 LNER Freight Stock Grey
R217 LNER Loco Garter Blue

R218 LNER Freight Red Oxide

R219 SR Dark Olive Green
R220 SR Light Olive Green

R221 SR Loco Malachite Gteen
R222 SR Freight Stock Brown
R223 SR Freight Stock Stone

R224 SR Brake Van End Red
R225 LNWR Chocolate Lake
R226 LNWR Coach White
R227 CR Deep Lake

R228 CR Coach White
R229 LNWR Loco Black

R230 CR Loco Blue

R231 BR Coach Cream

R232 BR Coach Crimson 1950-57

R233 BRMU Stock Cream

R234 BR Coach Crimson post 1957

R235 BR Rail Grey

R236 BR Rail Blue

R237 GER Loco Blue

R238 Smoke Box Black
R239 Buffer Beam Vermilion

R240 Roof Grey

R241 SECR Brunswick Green

R242 Brilliant Lake

R243 Signal Red

R244 Signal Yellow

R245 Black
R246 White

R247 Lining Orange
R248 Lining Yellow

R249 Copper

R250 Brass

R251 Polished Steel

R252 Oily Steel

R253 Unpainted Steel

R254 Aluminium Alloy

R255 Earth Road Red

R256 Rail Colour
R257 Sleeper Brown

R258 Underframe Dirt

R259 BR Frame Red-Brown

R260 BR Rail Red

R261 Lining Gold
R262 Pullman Cream
R263 Pullman Umber
R264 Grey Etch Primer




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updated railway colours 13/05/20
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@lasermonkey, here is what little I know of the Gloy/Compucolor story. I remember reading of the travails of these range of paints in the early '90s; just not the venue where I saw it. So, I may have some things incorrect. I remember seeing ads for the Gloy range when I started a subscription to the late Alan W. Hall's fine magazine, Scale Aircraft Modelling(I have Vol.1, No. 1 to sometime in the early 2000s). They almost always had a back cover ad keyed to whatever the issue's profile aircraft was: Spitfire, Me109, Phantom 2s in RAF/USAF/USN etc., Ju-88, etc.. The ad would show several profiles of the plane, and then the paints(and their code) to reproduce the scheme. Sometime in the early 80's, they stopped advertising in SAM; sometime a bit later I saw ads for the Compucolor line. I never saw the Gloy range here is the USA; they may or may not have been imported here; I don't know. I did encounter the Compucolor line here when I found a good selection of their paints at a hobby shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado; when I was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. The shop had both the tins and jars of the Compucolor paints. Then in the late 80's, I vaguely remember reading about Compucolor going out of business. The article IIRC, mentioned that many of the people who had worked at Gloy went on to found/work at Compucolor/DBI. When Compucolor/DBI went under; Hannants made the decision to form the Xtracolor line. Don't know if they employed any of the Compucolor people. Perhaps someone else can fill in the gaps here.




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I picked up my small stash of Gloy paints in very similar circumstances to yourself. I must have been about 12 at the time, and my favourite little model shop had a box full of Gloy paints that were reduced for clearance. So, naturally I bought as many as I could afford. I've always liked the smell of Gloy paints...takes me right back to 1982 when I first bought them. I know some people don't care for them too much, but I've always got on with these paints quite well. Seem ok to me and I still use them.



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I've got a small stash of Gloy paints wich, to my surprise, still work properly. I mainly use them for brush painting, and must admit they're quite nice, leaving no brush marks...


Fond memories.....

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2 hours ago, TeeELL said:

I have R201 GWR Loco Green


Mark, if @TeeELL has R201 GWR Loco Green, is R201 L.M.S. Crimson Lake in your list a typo?

The rail company paints appear to be grouped together, so R201 GWR Loco Green would fit with R203 G.W.R. Coach Stock Windsor Brown and R205 GWR Loco Indian Red.

Should R201 L.M.S. Crimson Lake actually be R210 L.M.S. Crimson Lake?

This would then be closer to R212 L.M.S. Loco Black?

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I shall be using the Loco Green on an Airfix ‘City of Truro’ (my grandfather drove CoT during the period 1957-1961 on ‘specials’.

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@Dave Swindell most of the railway colours in my list were taken from a list I found online. I only have a few of the railway colours, but I'll have a look to see which ones I can confirm. I do remember that the railway colour list I found online was incomplete.




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Zombie necro-bump!

I stumbled across an eBay listing for some Gloy paint brochures which just happened to have a photo which showed the entire railway range-




I shall update the list in the first post accordingly.




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Further zombie thread bump.


I've been using Gloy paints a lot recently, and in fact, they've become my go to when I'm brush painting as they brush beautifully. Does anyone know anything about the make up of these paints? First off, they smell different from any other enamels I've used (a lush smell I remember fondly from my early 80s modelling days). Secondly, I haven't had one tin dry out. I can pop an old or new Humbrol or Revell paint, and despite being careful, they can be prone to drying out. Gloys  just don't do that. Every "new" 40 odd year old tin I open is perfectly fine and after constant use for a few years now, not one tin has dried up. I really do rate these paints!



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I’ve never had a tin dry up either. And yes, I know exactly what you mean about the smell! Pure nostalgia.

One thing I have found is that they can take a very long time to dry, so it’s well worth investing in a bottle of Rustins Driers. Another is that it’s possible that some of the gloss colours don’t work well with white spirits. I was looking for a suitable maroon colour to use on my Trumpeter Wyvern and settled on the Gloy colour. Neither white spirits or naphtha-based thinners did what was expected, leaving just Mr Levelling Thinner, which isn’t really suitable for brush painting. Something to watch out for, maybe.

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Yes! I have found the drying times slow too, but I've just accepted that in favour of a really good finish. I will give the Rustins Driers a try though.


Likewise, I have also found the gloss colours trickier to work with than the matt colours (and I haven't found a completely matt Gloy paint yet, just a very nice slight sheen) I did use the USN Gloss Sea Blue recently and thinned it with old stock Humbrol thinners with no problems. 

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