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Brewster F2A Buffalo. TopDrawings

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Brewster F2A Buffalo

Kagero TopDrawings

ISBN : 9788365437730



This softback book, in their TopDrawing series, is great little book for the Buffalo enthusiast.  Consisting of twenty pages, this is very similar to the 3D Drawing series but without the range of colourful renderings, this book is filled with line drawings.  This actually makes it easier to see what’s what as you’re not distracted by the colour schemes, although in the centre of the book there are five colour plates of the aircraft in various colour schemes viewed the port side only.  Each line drawing is very nicely done, concentrating on each variant of the aircraft and their operators, so you, have US Navy, British, Finnish and Dutch East Indies. All the line drawings are in 1:48, whereas the colour plates are more 1:32. The book also comes with a very nice A4 colour poster of an F2A-3 in flight.







If you use this book in combination with the other references then you should be able to produce a fine and accurate Buffalo, no matter which version you choose.




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Just from the examples shown here, I would strongly recommend working in "combination with the other references" for an accurate Buffalo. 

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