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F-35A AF-01 Reference needed

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Good day gents,


I was thinking on getting back to the “dark side” (modelling). So for the first model I’ve picked up Meng F-35A.




I would like to build AF-01 the very first one Lightning delivered to unit.


However I’m a bit struggling finding the 1:48 decals. Any suggestions? Also maybe anyone of You knows the best way to replicate those rectangular test markings along weapon pylons and fuselage?


Or maybe someone of You knows a good walkaround? Any suggestions regarding finishing colours?


Any information would be a great help!


I’m looking forward to hear from You guys!


Kind regards,


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Hmm, this might be tough at this time. AF-1 does not have any RAM panelling applied... and the test markings are only on a few flights, so I wouldn't worry about them.Finding a decal for them is much more difficult however. AFAIK I haven't seen any in 1/48, and there is only one source in 1/72: a limited edition boxing by Hasegawa. 


I can think of five or six different unique markings that AF-1 has: the blue and red tails, the JSF partner countries flags, the manufacturers names on the left side fuselage, the JSF program decal behind the canopy, the Lockheed Martin logo and the wingtip lines. There's also the pilot and maintainers name too. Its pretty tough. 


To be honest, I'd suggest going with AF-2. Its nickname is "Workhorse" (versus Showhorse or showpony for AF-1) and has the most hours and done the most test points accomplished of all the aircraft. The best part is that its got no Ram and few markings on it at all. 




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Thanks guys!


I was thinking about AF-01, but as You’ve said it might be complicated...


So now I think about AF-04 or any other one, who carries any external load. The main idea is to build F-35 with external weapon load out. Speaking of which, maybe anyone of You got any good pictures or schemes? I only came across with AF-01 or B/C version of aircraft carrying some externals. Although most of it as a weapon test platforms.


I’m a bit stucked here...


I don’t wanna put some random stuff. I’d prefer load out backed by real thing picture.


Any suggestions?

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