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Chile 1973 - The other 9/11 - Helion & Company via Casemate UK


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Chile 1973 - The other 9/11

The downfall of Salvador Allende

ISBN : 9781912174959

Helion & Company via Casemate UK




While everyone is familiar with the devastating event of 11th September 2001, in Chile the term 9/11 has a completely different meaning. The 11th of September 1973 was the day that General Pinochet staged a Coup and overthrew the democratically elected Salvador Allende which lead to a military junta ruling Chile until 1990. Until this point Chile had been one of the most democratic countries in South America. The Coup supported by the US but without any direct involvement involved the CIA creating conditions for the coup to take place, and supporting the regime afterwards. Deaths attributed directly to the coup were small and it was always reported President Allende took his own life. However in 2011 a secret military account was found which heavily suggested he was assassinated. Even though initial deaths were small the Military Junta then used the coup as a basis to round up an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 people and imprison them. Many of these people would later be murdered by the regime becoming the infamous "Disappeared" of Chile. It is not really know even today how many people were actually killed, however its estimated to be in the thousands.




The book looks at all aspects of this dark period in Chilean history. It is A4 softcover in format with 64 pages. Black and white photographs feature throughout the text. There are 4 pagers of colour profiles of the aircraft which took part, and 2 pages with military vehicles. 





This book should provide readers with a understanding of the the events which took place in Chile in 1973 and some of what follwed afterwards. 


Highly Recommended.



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