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Any advice or thoughts on AS176 mini-compressor ?

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Hi All, 

I have been looking to upgrade from the revell starter class compressor.

From what I have learned, and a bit of research - I want a compressor with:




The tank on the following is 0.3L - so any thoughts, comments or experiences shared would be very welcome.




Ideally, I really do need something transportable, I work offshore and want something to bring with me.

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The 0.3L tank is practically non-existent. All it could do is help getting rid of pulsation specific to "tankless" compressors and shut off the compressor when you are not spraying but it will barely hold any air. The specified noise level of 49 dB is also in-line with other models of the same manufacturer.


I use a compressor with a 3L tank which will give me aprox. 30 seconds of spraying off the tank before the compressor will start again. It will minimize noise a bit but more importantly it will give the compressor some time to cool down during longer sessions. I have been spraying for as long as 3-4 hours without the thermal protection kicking-in. From what I read, overheating might be a problem with oilless compressors without a tank (or a small one like your selected model).


To be honest, I would go for their AF186 model instead...


I hope this helps!


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Personally I wouldn't bother, it's a little step up and expensive for a Chinese compressor. 


For me the next step up would be something like our little-jet compressor.


Well built and portable weighing about 3.5kg.


Gives up to 30psi with a duty cycle of 40 minutes, motor runs all the time but is quiet. 


It has a good moisture trap as well as a bleed valve to regulate the air pressure, as well as a 2 year warranty.








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Posted (edited)

Don’t knowif this will help anyone.  If, like me, you do the airbrushing away from the main living area: basement, maybe or (in my case) garage, consider going for a small workshop compressor.  Mine is an oil lubed motor with a ten litre tank, pressure regulator, moisture trap.  Fits under my bench okay and has a handle but it’s larger than you’d want on your bench. It’s also noisy, but not excessively, and only when it runs, which isn’t often.

The good bits: It’s been reliable since 2010. It will give you way more pressure than you’ll ever need for airbrushing, so handy for other jobs too: blowing dust off, inflating tyres, bigger spray jobs. Even used it to drive airtools.  Best bit is all this cost less than a hundred quid. That was brand new. You should get one now for around £125. Try toolstation or similar. 

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