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A little colour help please for a newbie to cars

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Hi guys. I have been asked by a friend to make a model of his Mini Cooper.  As a base I will be using the Revell kit as it has the correct wheels, I would not know how to scratch those. I know that the interior will need a bit of work and his car has a sun roof, but I think I can manage that. However, my first hurdle is the colour. The vin plate shows the colour as 862/5 Indy Blue. Looking in my local car shop, and also online at Halfords, i can find no colour match in a spray. Generally I use acrylic paints. Has anyone got an idea for the best colour match?


much appreciated.

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Morning all, go to ebay,type in "862/5 indy blue paint",it will take you to car touch up paint from paint suppliers,most of these can be thinned and put thrugh an air brush but email the supplier first and ask what thinners to use,i have used these on 1/9 motorbikes with good results, hope this helps


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On 16/05/2018 at 11:59, depressed lemur said:

Thanks for the suggestions, this looks like a 2 pack paint. Would using Klear instead of the 2nd lacquer cause any issues?

2 pack paint isn't any paint with a clear top coat. That would be basecoat/clearcoat system. You apply the colour coat (first can) allow to dry and then the clear (second can) for protection and gloss finish. 2 pack, either paint or clear is where a seperate hardener is mixed into the product which starts a chemical reaction causing the paint/clear to harden. Without the hardener the product will never set/dry. They are two very different systems. With the basecoat/clearcoat system you can use any compatible clearcoat of your choosing..

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