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Trumpeter 1/72 SU-33 Flanker D

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10 hours ago, mstorin said:

Yea, Eduard is notorious for getting the colors wrong. Dream models makes a Su-33 cockpit set in 1/72 and 1/48 that is almost a perfect match. Here's a link to a 1/72 one on eBay, unfortunately it is for the Hasegawa kit. They don't seem to make one for the Trumpeter kit.



I did see that, but was worried about fit issues with the Trumpeter. I mean at this point, all I could really do is get a resin cockpit and work with that. 


Anyone know of a resin set for Trumpeter? 

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Update: Cockpit is done and main fuselage assembled: 


Ref pic with foot pedals shown




Display installed





Cockpit tub in:





Fuselage halves glued together and wings also glued together. Going with the flaps down for takeoff. 



Next up is installing the nose and horizontal stabs, and then preshading! 

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Nice work! The cockpit turned out looking great! :)




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Intakes installed: 





Wings installed (sort of): 



One wing had a split section up front for some reason. So I had to fill it in with putty. 







I have sanded/polished and futured the canopy and will post final pics of that tonight. 


Next steps are masking the canopy, installing it, and beginning the prshading process. Bit nervous about that, but I recently bought a Badger Krome that sprays Tamiya flat black really nicely. Just need to really refine my technique and air pressure/thinner mix so I get small lines and not big paint blobs. Any advice on that front is appreciated! 



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Well a pretty major setback has struck:


Whilst in the final stage of polishing my canopy with polishing compound, I applied too much pressure to the inside with my finger, causing a noticable split/crack right down the center of the whole rear section. Im gutted. It was so pretty and then I pull a bull in a china shop move like this. 



Question for the crew here.... Can I fill in the gap with this? 



Also, Eduard sent me the SU-27UB canopy masks, not the SU-33 one. So now... well... im not too sure where to go from here.... 


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Nice work with the intakes and wings! Pity about canopy though! I hope you can sort it!




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