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Pukin Dogs Tomcat - colourful version

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F-14A Tomcat

VF-143, Carrier Air Wing 6 (AE), USS America 1976


The 1976 Yeovilton Air Day was for me memorable for one thing – the flying display by a Grumman F-14A Tomcat. I had seen the VF-143 CAG Bird at that year’s IAT at Greenham Common, along with a VF-142 line bird and that was special too, but for some reason the appearance of  159457 / AE 112 at Yeovilton made a greater impression. Here are a couple of photos taken on that day, September 4th, 1976 :






For the model I chose a kit of similar vintage, namely the original Hasegawa kit complete with raised panel lines and simplified detail, which had been in the stash for the best part of 40 years! I rescribed much of the upper surface detail, including of course the spoilers (can’t believe they moulded the spoilers in raised relief). Decals came from lots of F-14 sheets. There’s still no VF-143 decal out there in 1/72 except for the CAG bird decal from Microscale. I used the ‘pukin dog’ marking from that sheet but the blue and white trim was painted on. Good to have it in the collection after all these years.


Tomcat 01


Tomcat 02


Tomcat 03


Tomcat 04


Tomcat 05


Tomcat 07


Tomcat 08








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Hello Chris,

Lucky you to have seen this bird in real.

Your Cat looks spot on and even greater respect for you choosing an old kit and rescribing it, while there have been better and newer releases just recently.

Again, fantastic job - an absolute beauty in your collection 🙂





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Fantastic model.

One of my favorite F-14 units, and it looks perfect! Congrats!!!



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22 minutes ago, Spitfire31 said:

Great looking 'Cat in very adequate spit'n'polish finish, considering the occasion.


Superb work with an old kit!


Kind regards,



Hey guys it's not that clean really! The photos don't show it that well but there's a fair bit of dirt around the airframe, particularly around the spoilers and flaps.

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Love those colourful USN birds before they went low-viz and nice to see a Tomcat that's not all faded and patchy.  Great model.  :goodjob:  



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Sooooo good, I do love a good 'Cat and yours is top notch work :goodjob:

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We had this squadron aboard our carrier (USS Constellation CVA-64) back in the 60s in Vietnam.  The flew F4bs at the time.  Great looking model.

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