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Original Airfix jet provost T3

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Well here it is, my first post of a finished kit. It’s the old tool Airfix jet provost built OOB. Any comments or suggestions welcome. I just hope I’ve figured out how to post and the pics show up









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Cheers guys, just noticed it’s not quite finished as I have to find some serial numbers and ejection seat warning triangles.. I’m not sure how I can or even if I can get pics to show up on the forum when hosted by flicker 🙁

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I remember buying this in a poly bag,nowhere as good as that mind,when you are on Your Flikr account left click the arrow with the bar at the bottom

then left click again view all sizes,when the image appear's scroll over it right click to open box and right click copy image address then paste into

your post as a photo it's a shame some folk's don't like link's and may miss yourwork.


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Hi, not a bad result at all, considering the antiquity you have been working with!

You can always buy the Xtradecal sheet, use what you need and then buy an Airfix new tool, just for the hell of it!




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