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F11-F Tiger: ever build one of these?

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I bought this old Lindberg kit just for the engine and tailpipe to use in a future U-2 build. Wrong engine for the U-2 I know but as it won't show it doesn't matter. Just wanted the length and the tailpipe. The more I think about it, however, the more I think this kit can be built up into a pretty decent model.  A surfeit of rivets to be sure but easily removed along with the panel lines.  Not sure about the shape but it looks okay.  Tommy Thomason has a couple of pages on his blog about the F11-F and a search on Bling images produces this airplane with some colourful paintwork.  


Something to think about. 









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According to Corky Meyer, who's authoritative on the subject, the model is a fairly good representation of the prototype, which was initially designated XF9F-9.

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