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CASA C-212-100 "Portuguese Tail Arts" - 1:72 Special Hobby

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CASA C-212-100 "Portuguese Tail Arts" (72376)

1:72 Special Hobby




The CASA 212 is a medium cargo aircraft with a short field capability designed by Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA or CASA of Spain.  The aircraft is a boxy fuselage with a high mounted wing and twin turbo prop engines. The cabin is not pressurised. In the 1960's the Spanish Air Force was looking to modernise as at the time it was still relying on a mix of C-47s and Ju-52s for its transport requirements. The SASA 212 was a proposed 18 seat transport aircraft which could fill a few different roles. The aircraft first flew in 1971 and the Spanish Air Force would acquire them from there. 477 Aircraft were built over 42 years, with the last being built in 2012 when Airbus Military decided to discontinue production. Production continues though under license in Indonesia. The aircraft has been used by many military and civil users all over the world


The Kit

This is a new toolkit from Special Hobby. The plastic is the same as the original boxing we reviewed here. The kit arrives on five sprues of plastic and a clear spure. From the look of the unused parts on the sprue a maritime/patrol version is planned at some point.  Construction starts with adding the instrument panel in at the front. Instruments are supplied as decals. The windows are put into the main fuselage halves from the inside at this point, as well as the side cockpit glazing. The main fuselage doors and inserts at the front are then added. The rest of the cockpit is then built up, this can then be added and thee main fuselage closed up. Its worth noting there in no interior for the main cargo cabin and the ramp is moulded closed.






Next up the undercarridge is made up and the main sponsons added. The nose is added along with the main cockpit glazing. The tailplanes are made up with seperate control surfaces. The instructions advise to add nose weight but ommit how much is needed. The tailplanes ad rudder are now added to the main fuselage, along with the tailplane fairings. 




The wings are made up next. There is a single part upper and left/right lowers. 4 flap actuator fairings are added to each side. The two engine nacelles are made up and added along with the fronts and propellor assemblies. These can then be added to the wings. Two trim tabs on the wing need to be removed.The wing is now fitted to the fuselage along with various antennas and sundary parts. 










There are are two special tail art schemes as used by the Portuguese Air Force on this boxing;


16507 - 50th anniversary of 502 Sqn, Sintra AB 2005

16517 - 160,00 Flight hours and 35 Years of Service, 502 Sqn, Montijo AB, 2009


Both Aircraft wear the standard two green and tan over grey paint scheme.







It is great to see more boxings of this new tool from Special Hobby.



Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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14 hours ago, Julien said:

In the 1960's the Spanish Air Force was looking to modernise as at the time it was still relying on a mix of C-17s and Ju-52s for its transport requirements.

Really? :)

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2 hours ago, Rui Silva said:

Really? :)

Yes they were adhead of the world back then :D 

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