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1/48 Hasegawa JU87-R2 (but might be a B2) Stuka

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Hi guys,

So this will be my next build hasegawa's 1/48 JU87-R2 which I believe is a extended range version of the B2 the only difference being two external fuel tanks. If that's not true then please correct me because I'm thinking of just doing a B2. The reason being because the 1994 decals don't look great and there's more options for B2 schemes.

If anyone has some desert or winter schemes that are a bit different that they could share images of I would be most grateful so am open to suggestions.

The kit looks ok I know there are some issues with the flap mass balancers or arms (one of the two) so am ready for that, and I will be showing it with the Aires resin engine and cockpit set which looks nice, there will no doubt be a bit of scratch and may even open it up a bit more but we'll see.

It won't be a quick one I dare say.

Thanks for looking.


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I decided to start on the engine so here is the main block after primer gloss black and alclad stainless steel. I then weathered it with some of AK's top quality engine and oil staines washes.

Also some oils paints of various colours. You can see the before and after weathering by comparing with the unfinished radiator.



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