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Revell 1/32 Hawker Hunter FGA9

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Hi all,


I originally started this during the 2016 Hunter group build but bit off far more than I could chew and its sat on the shelf of doom for a couple of years - until about a month ago that is.


I decided to crack on and get it finished only to come up with serous decal issues. The kit decals had perished, I originally bought this cheap about 10 years ago and the box had suffered some water damage, this had obviously affected the decals.


I'd planned on doing this in 79 Squadron markings from Chivenor in the late 60's so already had the xtradecal sheet with the squadron markings, but needed roundels, which is where fellow britmodeller David Womby came up trumps and airmailed some from the states (Thanks David!).


So here it is, minus most of the stencils which I will add when I can get my hands on some and the rocket pods which are in the paint shop! 🙂












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1 hour ago, keith in the uk said:

Looks ok , butttttttttt those panel lines look a little bit overdone to my eye.  :(

Yeah, maybe Keith - looks worse in the photos than in the flesh but could maybe have done with being toned down a bit, not losing sleep over it though!




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