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F-Toys 1/144 A-26C French?

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I'm looking for help from Gashopon fans - is there any way of obtaining one particular example?  A website used for trading/selling, perhaps?  


Alternatively, does anyone know if Platz intend to follow up their twin boxing of two USAF A-26Cs with an example in French markings?  (As available from F-Toys but only in a randomly-chosen set of 10, with no guarantees.)


Or as another alternative, a 1/144 transfers set of French A-26s?  Or indeed any other than the ones given by Platz?

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Yes thanks, but not at that price.  Better to buy the Platz kits as is, and wait for specialist transfers. Or just do it in 1/72..  It was interesting to see the RAF one,.

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