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The Hawker Hurricane, not my favourite aircraft but it seemed wrong not to have one in the collection and this one was not without its issues. I had to use a lot of filler where the front of the wing assembly meets the fuselage, but I'm prepared to accept that could have been to my modelling skills. What wasn't down to my abilities was the stress fracture running across the middle of the cockpit canopy and the chunk missing out of it, but all credit to Airfix I had a replacement part within 72 hours. However, whilst I was masking the replacement canopy it just fell in half. So having acquired another replacement it felt like I was dealing with dynamite masking the third

 one. So here it is in all its glory, I'm fairly pleased with the result  but I need to find a better way of masking the glazed areas I don't seem to be able to get the crisp lines I see other modelers achieving, anyway thanks for looking all criticisms and advice welcomed.






















Next project will be a Tornado G.R.1, something a little more testing. Watch this space.🙂







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Very nice indeed...  It really works on the stand.   Mated up the wings and fuselage on mine last night and very slight gap at the front, the rest of the wing is fitting perfectly.  Wondering if to use a little Milput or see how it looks after primer.

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Excellent job!

Your canopy masking looks to have worked pretty well I think.

Using bare metal foil for canopy masking is one alternative method that works for some.

I've tried it once (a Hasegawa 1/72 Zero fighter which had very lightly engraved canopy framing) and it worked reasonably well.

The in-flight/wheels-up stance on your Hurricane looks great.


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I recently built the same kit.  It was nice to have a canopy thin enough to pose in the open position but, like you, I had cracking trouble.  In my case, it fell in half as I pulled it off the bit of blu-tak I was using for a painting handle.  Otherwise the kit seemed to go together reasonably well, even with my admittedly limited skills.  

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The Hurricane is my favourite aircraft and yours looks cracking - great work

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