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1/72 Esci AV-8A 'Matador'

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Just done with this little 'un for the Hawker GB here on the forum and happy how it turned out for an ancient kit.

The short build thread is here if you're so inclined but to recap:


Kit: Esci 1/72 AV-8A Matador

Build: Tamiya tape for seatbelts, opened the intake flaps but rest OOB.

Paints: White from a rattle can. Light Gull Grey mixed from Revell Acrylics (yes, I do that!) and applied with hairy stick. Klear, Flory Models Wash and Satin varnish. Pencil for some of the panel lines.

Decals: From the kit after two weeks in the window.












And alongside an Italeri (ex Esci) Royal Navy Sea Harrier in Black 14 markings built a couple of years back.




Really enjoyed it and might try to squeeze in another build in the Harrier family soon.


Thanks for looking!

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Very nice indeed. Reminds me of one I saw at Dunsfold, many years ago. Really liked the Spanish colouring and markings or that era.





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Looking good


fond memories of this kit n the sea harrier ..built both of them as a lad long time ago....when plastic kits were stocked in toy shops....



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That's a really nice looking Harrier/Matador.  I particularly like your panel line highlights which look very authentic.  For an old kit from a long gone company the model holds up pretty well.  It's a pity Esci went West as they did some interesting subjects.  I must say the aircraft does look nice in that Spanish scheme. 

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