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Bare metal Me. 262

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Hello Everyone Im getting stuff together for my Me.262 build entry in the Group build section. Im considering doing a captured 262 in Natural metal finish with just the putty over the seams. Something along these lines. 


Or more like this.  


Does anyone have any ideas as to the color of the putty ? And or the colors on the tail in the 2nd profile ? I am thinking RLM-02 & RLM-82 ? Any help would be appreciated and i shall thank you in advance. 



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I have a colour photo of #711 that suggests the putty is covered with the same light grey that is on the tail ...

It's on Pinterest too if you want to look for it.


I can try to PM you the photo if you want, I never did that here on BM tho so I cannot guarantee if it will work.



On second look it appears that the putty is in RLM02 indeed and the tail is in a light gray of very similar lightness/reflection-factor, the latter is also on the engine covers.

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I don't know the real answers to your questions Dennis (as is so often the case in life), but I noticed that the putty in the bottom profile (that sounds very wrong) looks very much like Tamiya XF-4 (yellow green). Certainly matches my paint swaps anyway.

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