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MTO GB II Welcome and Rules

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Welcome! The first MTO GB was mighty good one, let's follow its spirit! Here are some rules we should follow again:


When: from 00:01am on Saturday the 5th of May to 23:59pm on the Sunday 26th of August 2018. Read: 5.5.-26.8.2018

Host: vppelt68 (V-P), I'll be here to provide guidance and support for each entry and of course I'll be participating.

WIP thread: All builds must have a work in progress thread.

Multiple builds in one thread: Allowed

No trading: Any parts/decals/kits etc that you want to buy or sell MUST be posted in the Buy/Sell area only, not here in the GB forum.

No ready-mades: Entries must be under 25% complete EXCEPT regarding builds started but unfinished/stalled in the original MTO GB. They are eligible to be finished here. Regard this as a GB specific KUTA too!

Poll: There will be a poll when the GB concludes for all the completed models. Please don't canvas for votes. No prizes though but there's always the glory!

Eligible builds: Anything that was used in or supporting operations of war from 1.9.1939 to 8.5.1945 below the Alps and above the equator, from the Gibraltar to Iraq, sea, air or land, all scales and materials.

Recommended aspects: Having fun!

Regards, V-P, helped by Enzo & the Britmodeller crew

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