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Colonial Viper Mk.II (00917-1/32 for Moebius Kit)


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Colonial Viper Mk.II (00917-1/32 for Moebius Kit)

1:32 GreenStrawberry




Those industrious folks at GreenStrawberry just keep on bringing out new sets for all our favourite Sci-Fi models, and long may that continue!  This time it's the Moebius Viper Mk.II from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, which is sometimes reboxed under the Revell brand, so if you have that kit, these will fit.  A small but tough card box protects the contents, and inside the resin exhausts are bagged separately from the accompanying Photo-Etch (PE) sheet, with the instructions folded to keep everything stable in transit.






You have to do a little surgery to the kit parts before you begin, starting with removing the kit engine bells from the endcap of the fuselage, plus the cowling flanges that this part would otherwise fit to, none of which should tax your average modeller.  Construction of the three exhausts are functionally identical, but the top exhaust is slightly smaller, so has different part numbers.  The aft of the exhaust is sanded flat to remove the flash over its end, and three layers of PE are inserted from the rear, stopping at the correct point inside the nozzle.  Optionally you can install the bullets in the centre of the rearmost piece of PE, with the smaller top engine having a different part number and size.  Casting is good, with just a few bubbles around the exhaust that should be pretty easy to remedy with some lengths of styrene rod super-glued in place and sanded flush.  Once painted and maybe even lit with LEDs, they should vastly improve the look of the rear of the kit.




Review sample courtesy of




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They're one of the most prolific producers of SF aftermarket, and they're jolly nice into the bargain.  If you look at our SF review section it's pretty much wall-to-wall GreenStrawberry these days :)  More power to their elbows, and the draining effect on the wallet is just something we have to grin & bear.  Raptor interior set is next up from them :wicked:

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