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Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2 - 1:48 Eduard Weekend Edition


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Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2

1:48 Eduard Weekend Edition




The Messerschmidt Bf 109 is one of the iconic aircraft of WWII. The F-2 introduced the 15mm MG 151 cannon. This was supplemented by two MG 17 machine guns mounted under the engine cowl. As the better 20 mm Mauser MG 151/20 version become available, a number of F-2s were retrofitted with it in the field. About 1,380 F-2s were built between October 1940 and August 1941. 


The Kit

We reviewed this is as a profipack boxing here. This weekend boxing has the same plastic, none fof the extras and only two decal options. Construction starts shockingly enough with the cockpit. Various control wheels and the main control column is added along with the armoured seat back. Following this the seat pan and rudder pedals are added. Following this side panels and parts are added into the fuselage sides. Once all of these sub-assemblies are made up they can be placed inside the fuselage and this closed up. As well as the cockpit the tail wheel and exhausts need to be added before the closure takes place. One of the decal options uses different exhaust parts and this is not mentioned on the instructions so the modeller will need to check the profiles.




Once the main fuselage is together the intake needs to be added on the side.  Construction then moves to the rear of the main fuselage with the tail planes and rudder being added. All of the control surfaces are separate so can be posed as needed by the modeller.




Next up are the wings. The lower is one part with left and right uppers. The wheel well detail needs to be added into the lower wing and then the uppers can be added on. Once complete the wing assembly is mated with the main fuselage. Next up the leading edge slats and ailerons can be added.  On the underside of the wing the left and right radiators are assembled and added to the wing. The flaps can then be added making sure to get the radiator flaps at the correct angle.






Moving towards finishing the model the main landing gear units are completed and added to the model. The wheels are a single part with a left and right hub. The gear leg is attached as is the door. The canopy parts can then be added not forgetting the pilots head rest & armour in the main centre part. Last but not least for the main kit the propeller and spinner are added. If needed a centre line bomb and rack are included. 





Decals are in house from Eduard and should pose no issues. There is a main sheet and a supplemental sheet for the stencils, markings are provided for 2 examples;


  • W. Nr. 5530, flown by Fw. Heinz Jahner, 9./ JG 2, Ligescourt, France, June 1941
  • 7./ JG 54, Soviet Union, summer 1941







This is a welcome new F-2 release from Eduard in a weekend box. Highly recommended.





Review sample courtesy of


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