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Hello all, 

Ive been working on this for a while between projects as it took a fair amount of time to get the 'snow-flage' right, I think I got there in the end. I have recently swapped paint to Mr Colour lacquer's, I must admit I was a little on edge using them, but they are fantastic to work with. Only added extras to the kit are the seat belt from eduard, as ever, its built to look right so please forgive in-accuracies' in my work or the kit. All comments are welcome....
























P.S. I apologise about the white background, but I could find anything else to cover the background 😞


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5 hours ago, Philtheplanetinker said:

Really nice Stuka, why the swap to Mr color laquers and from what if you don't mind my ask.

Good question, but id pretty much stuck with humbrol all my modelling life, I tried tamiya and a few other acrylic types but never seemed to get on with them too well. So, I heard about these new lacquer paints were better and a tougher finish.....and they was sooooo right. The finish is hard as nails and sits smooth as the kit part if you use the 400 thinners, they are highly recommended by me. 

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22 hours ago, Buzby061 said:

Looks great, you've got the winter finish off to a T. It's got to be a big beastie in 1/32 scale.



The base it is sitting on is 12"x12" and just sits on it, so it is quite big.


Thanks for everyone's comments 😁

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Tremendous work, great build, winter camo looks spot on to me. Very tempted by something 1/32 and this isn't helping my restraint! :goodjob:

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On 4/29/2018 at 8:10 AM, Head in the clouds. said:

I have never tried that scheme and never will, but your attempt is superb and a well painted model that looks like the real deal.

I said exactly the same thing, but sometimes getting out of the comfort zone and trying something new.....is good for your skill development or the recycling bin depenant on how it turn out of course 😁

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