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As a treat from building some challenging subjects, I did this almost straight out o f the box. I just added seatbelts and some alteration in the cockpit, to more closely replicate a late model Dog





It is one of the nicest kits I have ever built, no real vices ' just a pleasure to assemble.



I used a Superscale sheet to finish her as a machine of the 86th FIS at Youngstown AFB sometime between 1954 and 1957.



Time for a new challenge; Kittyhawk Voodoo or Classic Airframes Meteor Night fighter? Or wimp out with a nice colourful F-86F....


As always thanks for looking



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Sorry mate, I'll bow down to you on F-102s but I'm the king of the F-86D/K/L just completed the 21 of the little devils!


Sent you a PM re meeting up.

9 hours ago, Lovely Pig said:

Like this a lot, think I might have to have a try at one

You will not regret it.

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