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RAF Photo Recon Mitchells

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Hi All,

    I'm trying to find some info on the 5 ex-NEIAF Mitchells that ended up at 3 PRU, 681/684 Sqn in India.

I've managed to find a couple of b/w images of a Royal Blue one and a later PR Blue example but would like to know the camera and fuel tank fit on them... were they mounted in the bomb bay or fuselage, did the aircraft have a fuel tank in the bomb bay too, was the belly turret deleted and faired over?


I hope you can help a bit :)





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Hello @CraigB ... It just so happens that one of these B-25’s is being built. Its down in the B-25 Mitchell Group build down page. @tonyot is the gentleman building it and might know your answers. 

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Hello @CraigB ... Most likely yes. Why have two different designs for the same purpose ? There are references to other aircraft using ferry tanks for long range patrol as well. 

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Hiya Craig,...... from what I can gather from research I have made, here are some pointers re these aircraft;


-Operated by T (Twin) Flight of 5 PRU(India),.....later 3 PRU(India),....then 681/684 Sqn`s.


- there were five ex Dutch aircraft, B-25C`s,...serialled;

N5-139,.... coded E 

N5-143,......coded C

N5-144,......coded B

N5-145,......coded C

N5-148,......coded A,..... later M,


There were later 2 x B-25`s received via the US 10th AF,..serialled;

MA956,.....coded E

MA957,.....coded K, then X or Z (conflicting reports on the latter codes)


- They had a 2,000gal of extra fuel in an overload tank/tanks in the bomb bay,...giving a 1,000 mile radius of operations flying at heights between 26,000-30,000 feet.


-Camera fit;

3 x F8 or F24  cameras fitted in a fan across the plated over lower gun position, one vertical and one on each side to give an overlapping coverage.

1 x smaller camera fitted towards the tail.


-Modifications/Modelling points;

ex Dutch aircraft had the mid upper and lower gun positions plated over, the clear tail position often had a mock up gun fitted.

ex 10th AF aircraft had a clear bubble fitted in the mid upper gun position and the lower position was plated over.

-Early forward nose glazing.

-Early engine cowlings with single exhausts.  

-Bulges over the outlets above the right hand wing.


I have found this info out from various sources as I`m currently modelling a couple of these aircraft,






Edited by tonyot

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Great Info!!! - thanks a lot!!! I'll reply to your build thread to stop a lot of duplication :)

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