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New research HMS Colossus (1787) wreck

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Historic England has just published updated research it commissioned in 2017 to enable a better understanding of the the wreck of HMS Colossus.




Colossus was a Slade-designed '74 of the Courageux class launched in 1787. She had a short, but eventful career- present at Toulon, Cape St. Vincent and other famous actions. In 1798, whilst at anchor in St Mary's sound in the Scilly Isles,  she parted her cable and was carried aground. After all but one of those on board were rescued the ship Rolled on to her beam ends and was lost. The wreck was re-discovered in the 60s and was made a Protected Wreck.


"Historic England commissioned the investigation conducted by Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Maritime Archaeology Society (CISMAS). The aim was to come to a better understanding of the wrecking of Colossus. The project involved 25 detailed searches of the area beyond the known site, covering over 34,000 square metres of seabed. The process was strenuous and often monotonous, particularly in areas where there were few artefacts. But the absence of wreckage in certain areas proved as informative as the locations where some numbers of items could be found."


A representation of the stern of the Colossus shipwreck.


Worth a read!



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