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Messerschmitt Me 209V1 - 1:72 Special Hobby

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Messerschmitt Me 209V1

1:72 Special Hobby




Like many aircraft manufacturers Messerschmitt created aircraft designed solely for record breaking attempts, and publicity. The Me 209 was one such aircraft. The 209 tag was designed to help associate it with the already successful Me 109. It would also be confusingly used later on in WWII for the successor to the 109.  The only thing the original 209 share with the 109 was its engine. The rest of the aircraft being designed purely for speed. The cockpit was placed far back in the fuselage near to the tail giving the aircraft a unique cross section back there. Unlike the 109 the aircraft had a wide track inwardly retracting undercarriage.  The aircraft would go onto in 1930 break the world speed record with a recorded speed of 469 mph.  Though like many examples of the type the design was not much good for anything else. The company did try and turn the aircraft into a fighter, however the extra weight caused the aircraft to be slower than the 109.  



The Kit

This is a new tool kit from Special Hobby which arrives on two small sprues of grey plastic, with an injection clear canopy and a small decal sheet. Construction starts with attaching the exhaust stubs into the fuselage halves. Following this work can start in the cockpit. The instrument panel has its decals added then is attached along with the rudder pedals, seat, floor, control column and other controls. Once these are all in the fuselage can be closed up.




Work then moves to the wing. This is a one part lower and two part upper construction. The main centre section of the wheel bays needs to be attached prior to putting the wings on. Once the wings are on the main undercarriage units are made up. The main leg has its scissor mechanism attached along with a retraction struct and a single part main wheel. The gear doors can be then attached. If doing the BMF aircraft then this did not carry the outer doors. The appropriate tail then needs to be added as both options had a different tail unit. To finish off the prop and its housing together with the spinner are attached to the front.






The decal sheet provides for two options:


  • WR 1185 with the original tail fin and in NMF.
  • WR 1185 with it's later tail fin and overall dark blue colour scheme.





Special Hobby's Me 209 is not a big kit with a massive parts count but these Speed Record Aircraft will always look good as a model. Highly Recommended.




Review sample courtesy of 

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