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1/144 Zvezda Boeing 767-300 OOTB Aeroflot

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The Boeing 767 has been the workhorse of many an American airline for numerous years now, but I was intrigued at the prospect of an Aeroflot 767, and thus on a recent holiday to the Netherlands, I just had to go to AviationMegastore and pick up a Zvezda kit! 


The kit itself, in comparison to other reviews of Zvezda kits I have seen on Britmodeller, is no different. The kit was masterfully created, all the parts beautifully join together and it is a delight to build. This kit was brush painted using a number of different paints - the Aluminium colour of the fuselage being Humbrol 56 enamel, the blue being Revell LH Blue (also an enamel), and the rest being either Revell acrylics or Tamiya, which, contrary to what many people have said, worked wonders when brush painted onto my kit (a miracle!). 


There are a few improvements I think I could have made to this kit, but you guys will spot numerous, and please feel free to tell me how to improve, as all advice is always appreciated!




P.S. Advice on how to get better at RFI threads will also be much appreciated!




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This is another good looking build :clap: ... I use Imgur myself. Try switching the link to Direct link. Then select all on the whole link, then cut it. Next bring it here to Britmodeller and directly paste it into the actual thread. Not as a link but just deposit it right into the thread. It will open and become a photo. Hope that helps. 



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