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A Cracker of an Egg Plane - Hasegawa F/18 Blue Angels (pun intended!)

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I've always loved the look of the Egg Plane kits that Hasegawa makes - fun and interesting but still looking (just) like the object in real life. The kit was a cracker to build, apart from the landing gear, which I somehow glued in the wrong way round. "That's why the plane can't sit down on its front wheels" I sadly pondered after constructing it. So, to fix the problem, and to try and make it less of a gaping error (although you guys will DEFINITELY pick up on it), I decided to make it similar to a taking-off diorama. I got a chocolate box, sprayed it grey and brush painted the runway markings on. The masking tape which I used left a substantial ridge, it inadvertently left a rather weathered looking runway, which I thought to enhance with dry brushing Humbrol 33 (Black). It was a really good kit to build and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of getting one. 


All comments and criticisms of my many mistakes are much appreciated.





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Can I get [sausage] links to go with the eggs?  (the de-humoured translation: not seeing your photos)

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hello BS !

Good funny little "scrambled ??" egg !

I did one long ago, think that SWMBO still have it in her Eggs collection !

Will have a look someday !

They are funny kit to do !



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